Top Restaurant Tech to use in 2021

Written by Kadence Edmonds

restaurant tech 2021

Are you looking for more ways to make your restaurant more innovative in 2021? If so, you’re certainly not alone. After the unprecedented disruption of 2020, forward-thinking restaurateurs are seeking the tools that will help them survive and through anything. 

Cloud POS technology

Having a Point of Sale (POS) system in your restaurant is a must. They are the heartbeat of your venue, linking front of house with back of house. However, POS systems are continuing to get more and more sophisticated, thanks largely to the introduction and growth of cloud-based operating systems.  

Cloud POS systems allow users to log in remotely and access all of their businesses data from anywhere. This kind of transparency gives managers and owners the ability to stay informed of business performance without needing to be on site.  

The benefits of Cloud POS 

Opting for a cloud-based system like Epos Now means that you’ll maintain full control of your business even when you’re off-site - but that’s not the only advantage of working in the cloud. Let’s dive into four of the biggest benefits that come with cloud tech POS systems.

  1. Mobility Perhaps the greatest advantage of using a cloud-based POS system is the fact that it lets you access business data from anywhere, on any device.
  2. Security: Your sensitive business data isn’t stored on your computer’s hard-drive. Instead, the information is stored on multiple off-site servers, meaning your data is more secure. 
  3. Scalability: Cloud-based POS systems are known for being user-friendly, easy to set up and fully scalable. Whether you have one system or a dozen, all of your data will be consistent. 
  4. Reporting & analytics: Feature-rich reporting will allow you to have in-depth insights into every aspect of your business, from sales to staff. 
  5. Integrations: Cloud-based POS systems will have numerous integrations available. This will allow you to streamline workflows by automating sales data to your accounting platform, employee scheduling system and online ordering. 

Contactless Payments 

While contactless payments have been growing in popularity for years, 2020 cemented just how essential this feature is to businesses in the hospitality industry. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, consumers have been more readily ditching cash, opting instead for contactless payments to reduce interactions.  

Alongside the health aspects, there are numerous benefits to integrating your payments with your POS system, including saving your business time and money. 

  • Reduced keying errors – limit keying errors and simplify end-of-day reconciliation
  • Integrated receipts – Give your customers one integrated receipt, with their invoice and EFTPOS details all in one.
  • Enhanced contact management – Integrated EFTPOS can help to minimise the chances of your staff and customers encountering contaminated surfaces by reduced manual keying, handling of cash and receipts.

Paperless Operations

Restaurants are known to generate more than 1.5 billion pounds of paper waste per year on receipts alone, so cutting back on easily avoidable wastage is extremely important as environmental concerns heighten. Additionally, statistics show that over 70% of consumers are willing to pay additional at businesses that are and offer more sustainable practices. 

Due to this trend, and the rise in technology, an increasing number of restaurant owners are opting to change their operations and reduce paper waste in the industry.  

Digital Receipts 

How often do printed transaction receipts end up in the bin? Alarmingly, studies conducted on this very question show that the rate is 90%. Digital receipts are a way to combat this waste as well as providing restaurants with a great way to cut the costs associated with receipt paper.  

Additionally, using your POS system to send out digital receipts means you can build a larger customer database to help with marketing.  

Kitchen Display Screens (KDS)

Kitchen dockets are another wasteful and costly area of a restaurant. Not only can printed kitchen dockets get lost, but they can also be incorrect and not easily remedied. Kitchen Display Screens (KDS), on the other hand, are a great alternative to traditional kitchen printers.  

A KDS allows the kitchen staff to view all of the orders in one place, in real-time. This means no more lost tickets or shouting orders across a noisy kitchen. Orders are instantly sent, and can be updated if a customer changes their mind, allowing your chefs to react quickly and avoid wasteful preparation. 

Online Ordering 

Online ordering has been one tech advancement that has continued to gain popularity in the restaurant industry for years. However, 2020 saw exponential growth in this sector.  Alongside the push for social distancing and decreased interaction between guests and staff, online ordering has many benefits;

  • Higher Revenue: With online ordering, customers can leisurely browse rather than hurriedly place their order in person or over the phone. Since there’s no pressure, customers are more likely to order extra items, leading to higher sales.
  • More Accurate Orders: Taking orders over the phone is outdated. Your phone line could be tied up, and a loud bar can drown out the conversation. This leads to orders being recorded incorrectly, which means a waste of food and revenue for your bar – and a bad experience for your customer. Ordering with online restaurant technologies eliminates those variables.
  • Data Tracking:  Information on orders can be tracked when placed through a website. You can learn more about your customers, including how often they order, and which items they usually purchase.

To help restaurants embrace online ordering and digital menus, Epos Now has launched their latest POS feature, Epos Now Order & Pay.  

This app allows restaurant owners to:

  • Offer delivery, order ahead and table ordering conveniently 
  • Create and customise digital menus straight from your Epos Now database. 
  • Add pictures and product descriptions so customers know exactly what they are ordering
  • Quickly generate QR codes and website links
  • Offer payment flexibility and contactless options – customers can pay directly from their phone with Apple Pay, Google Pay and credit cards

Prepare for the future with Epos Now

Your point of sale system is crucial to your business and making sure that it can handle everything you need for future trading is essential.  A good POS system can do much more than simply process transactions. With the Epos Now hospitality POS system, you can:

  • Integrate with an online ordering system like Epos Now Order & Pay so you can keep your customers and staff safer
  • Connect with 100+ apps to help with items like marketing, customer loyalty, and accounting
  • Accept credit, debit, gift cards, and contactless payments
  • Manage your business from anywhere with 24/7 cloud access

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