Planning an Effective Coffee Shop Marketing Strategy

Written by Austin Chegini

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For decades, coffee shops have drawn us in with warm atmospheres, calming music, and great drinks. Year after year, the coffee shop market has grown, demonstrating the increased demand from consumers. However, with this increase in demand comes an increase in competition. 

If you’re struggling to get customers through your door or if you simply want to maintain your competitive edge, it may help to factor the following ideas into your coffee shop marketing strategy.

Boost your web visibility

No matter how great your customer service is or how wonderful your coffee tastes, people need to be able to find you online. If you have not fully optimized your online presence, make sure to do that before anything else. 

First, create a website that has accurate information. Unless you plan on selling online, you don’t need anything special. Even a simple website that simply states your menu, hours, and location will be enough. 

Next, complete your Google My Business listing. This page links with Google Maps, helping people find you when searching for coffee shops nearby. Also, users can leave reviews, post photos, and learn more about your business through this page.

Create a multichannel experience

With more people than ever using smartphones and the internet, targeting various digital channels is a worthwhile investment. Most importantly, you want to create consistent messaging across channels, offering a seamless experience with each interaction.

Here are some tips to help build a multichannel marketing strategy:

  • Aim wide: Run advertisements on any channel that your customers use. The more channels you target, the more awareness you can build.
  • Use the right medium: Facebook and TikTok are nothing alike, so why would your ads be similar on these channels? Make sure your content uses the right medium to blend in with the user-generated content and feel more native. 
  • Be engaging: People are inundated with sponsored content these days. By creating engaging, interactive advertisements, you can cause people to stop scrolling and resonate with your message. 

Focus on loyalty

Numerous consumer studies have shown that establishing a relationship with your customers is a winning strategy. And building a personalized loyalty program is one of the most effective ways to form these relationships. 

Simply put, loyalty programs encourage customers to make repeat purchases. These programs incentivize customers with free items or discounts. 

When incorporating a loyalty program into your coffee shop marketing strategy, you want to focus on a few items. If done correctly, you can make your customers feel valued and increase revenue at the same time. 

The ideal loyalty program will include:

  • Personalize messaging: Customers receive offers on special events like birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Tailored suggestions: You recommend products based on past purchases, catering to the customer’s preferences. 
  • Attainable rewards: Customers can easily reach award levels, encouraging them to always seek out the next deal.

Offer free items

Coffee shops are communal places. We gather at them for work meetings, dates, live music events, and more. You can add to this environment by making your coffee shop more like a home and less like a business. 

One of the best ways to accomplish this is by offering free items from time to time. By building a reputation of occasionally handing out free cups of coffee or sweets, you will increase your charm factor. People will 1) want to visit because they appreciate that your business gives back to customers and 2) want to visit in hopes of receiving a free treat! 

Even better, you can use this strategy to partner with another local business and help one another market your products. For example, you can give away cookies from a local bakery. Likewise, the bakery can hand out free coffee coupons to their customers. 

Email marketing

According to Data & Marketing Association, customers want to receive emails. In fact, they want companies to use email over any other channel, including phone, mail, and SMS, when communicating with them. 

With this in mind, let’s look at what role email plays in your marketing strategy. Is it an asset or a liability? Depending on how you use it, you can be doing more harm than good.

In general, you should only be sending emails if it provides value to the customer. If the email doesn’t offer any savings or new information about your coffee shop, why would a customer want to read it? 

When sending emails to your customers, focus on these themes:

  • Deals and special offers: Inform customers of short-term offers that they won’t want to miss. 
  • Events: Let customers know of live music, charity drives, or any other happenings taking place at your coffee shop.
  • New products: Come up with a new drink or meal? Let the customers know what it is and why they’ll love it. 

Give back

Consumers appreciate companies that support charitable organizations. According to Forbes, giving back can improve your company culture, increase purchases, and foster brand loyalty.

On top of this, consumers like to support small, local businesses, especially those that invest in the community. On top of this, being involved in the community increases brand awareness and lets you connect with your customers on a more personal level.

Coffee shops have many ways to give back to their communities. A few key forms include:

  • Donating funds: Offering money to local charities is one of the easiest ways to help your community. 
  • Sponsoring organizations: Sponsoring sports teams or organizations helps keep community events running and gives you some brand awareness.
  • Catering events: Consider donating coffee to anything from fairs and festivals to community board meetings.
  • Offering free items: Can you offer free drinks to first responders, teachers, graduating classes, or any other special group within your community? Doing so helps bring foot traffic through your doors.

Invest in the right technology

Lastly, you need the right tools to help you manage your marketing efforts and capitalize on the increased demand. This all starts with your coffee shop point of sale system. 

A modern POS is integral to running your business. Not only does it process transactions, but a POS can integrate with various tools to help manage operations. 

For example, Epos Now POS systems can:

  • Synchronize with Mailchimp for easier email marketing
  • Integrate with website builders
  • Accept online orders via Epos Now Order & Pay

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