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Epos Now's award-winning POS software can be run on your existing device, whether you have an iPad, Android, PC or Apple Mac*. All you have to do is begin your free trial to start experiencing the benefits.

Epos Now's cloud-based software allows you to get an instant overview of your business across all of your locations and ensures access to real-time product, sales and employee performance information.

Some of the many benefits include:

  • Complete visibility and control of your business, inventory and staff.
  • Access our AppStore through our award-winning and easy to use web-based Back Office.
  • Scalable from a single business to corporate businesses with multiple locations.
  • any standard receipt printer, barcode scanner or customer display pole (only epos now supported).
  • Products can be easily added or edited to suit your business.
  • *Apple Mac can't run front till.

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