Head of Professional Services

Department: Global Service Delivery
Location: UK - Norwich Head Office
Require Travel: required

Job Description



Responsible for providing the process and structure to facilitate successful deployment of the Epos Now products, services and integrated applications to ensure maximum value is achieved for all commercial customers.

To be successful in this role you will have a proven track record in working with the customer pre-sale to understand the business requirements and ensure that the products and services provided are a great match to the needs of the business.

You must be able to build and maintain the process to ensure that professional services can be planned and executed within the agreed commercial offering.


The role characteristics needed are:

  • Ability to spot operational efficiencies  within the core processes and within our customers business requirements

  • Being able to think laterally and strategically

  • Excellent presentation skills at Board Level

  • Excellent relationship builder

  • Outstanding negotiation skills to support the sales process and ongoing growth

  • Nurturer - Provide excellent customer service skills to continually grow the account base

  • Self generate business

  • Demonstrable and proven significant experience in professional services


Professional Services Development:

  • Develop a fundamental understanding of the technologies that drive ours and our customer’s business, including:

    • Core product

    • AppStore

    • APIs and opportunities to provide further integrated technology

    • Understanding the development efforts when onboarding a new customer  and ensuring we have committedcommercial benefit that justifies any resources we are committing to the customer.  It’s imperative that we defined and qualify commercial benefit before we commit any business resource or expense to initiatives

    • Pricing structure for all standard and non standard professional services activity to ensure correct margins are maintained

  • Own the relationship with development partners to ensure custom development for integrated technology can be delivered profitably within the customers timeframes without slowing the core product roadmap

  • Develop the project management resource to effectively plan and deliver all custom development on behalf of the customer

  • Leadership and development of the professional services team to ensure performance is tracked and managed to ensure all projects are delivered to a high standard  within budgeted time


Customer Acquisition and Onboarding:

  • Planning and delivery of all customer onboarding

    • Develop a clean process to be part of the sales process to work with the salesperson and the customer to properly qualify what is required and provide direction upon the most effective solution and guide the roll out plan accordingly

    • Provide the structure and process to effectively plan and execute a successful onboarding experience for every customer

    • Measure the effective delivery of each customer onboarding project to ensure every customer is onboarded with an excellent experience and within budget


Ongoing account management:

  • Provide leadership and development to the corporate account managers to ensure all customers are effectively account managed to continually improve customer value

  • Provide a platform for ongoing professional services to ensure customers are able to leverage Epos Now for continued support on platform set up and integrated technology whilst also providing a profitable revenue stream

  • Manage the KPI’s within the department to ensure that the revenue and book value targets are met


Product Development:

  • Work closely with the software team to ensure all customer feedback is captured and aligned to financial value to help drive the product roadmap in line with customer demand

  • Support the product team with creating customer working groups to ensure all customer persona’s are well represented within all product development cycles


Customer Satisfaction:

  • Track customer activity across all corporate accounts to spot signs of dissatisfaction/churn and work with the customer/other departments to switch off all causes of complaints

  • Represent Epos Now within all complaint cases to ensure that the right outcome for Epos Now and the customer  is always found swiftly with minimum risk to Epos Now



This role will deliver significant revenue contribution to the business through:

  • Providing pre-sales support to secure the deal

  • Professional services fees

  • Additional product sales

  • Increasing book value through recurring revenue aligned to support, apps and partner/ merchant commissions


Performance KPI’s:

  • All accounts to receive QBR every quarter

  • All professional services projects completed within a 5% tolerance of budgeted time

  • £30k performance per head across the account management team

  • Book value growth  targets TBC

    • Include App growth/merchant service commissions/support fees/’introduce managed services’ fees

  • PS Targets TBC


Closing Date: Friday 25th January 2019.