Hospitality and Retail Till Design

We're currently updating the till front to improve users' experience and make each transaction faster.

Try out and test our new till front as part of our beta program today!

  • As items are added to the transaction panel, ‘scroll to view’ will happen as they are added to the bottom of the list.
  • Hot Key/ Top Selling products are signified with STARS on their buttons.
  • Product buttons no longer have colours attached to their entire button, categories still do. Products can have a separate small circle of colour.
  • You can now hide the price of an item from the product button.
  • Configurable product and category tiles for a more customised experience.
  • Clean, modern design for improved ease of use.
  • Main menu slides in from left as in the Back Office, increasing screen space.
  • Buttons relating to the current transaction are located in the transaction panel on the right for quick access.
  • Improved workflow logic between screens.
  • Reduced number of button clicks required to carry out common actions.
  • Number of buttons reduced while maintaining equal functionality.
  • Simpler way to apply discounts.
  • Login screen better handles larger numbers of staff.
  • The Settings screen is now broken into categories to make it quicker to find the setting you’re looking for.
  • Promotions are now applied when the items are added to the transaction panel, rather than at the point of payment.
  • All touch areas made larger to aid speed of use on touch terminals.
  • More space for the product area.