Hospitality Till Design

We're currently updating the till front to improve users' experience and make each transaction faster.
Please share your thoughts with us below.

  • Clean, modern design for improved ease of use.
  • Main menu slides in from left as in the Back Office, increasing screen space.
  • Navigate product and category lists by swiping left and right.
  • Larger product and category buttons with more customisable colours.
  • Products with low stock levels are shown with stock count in red badge on product tile.
  • Optional product images for quick identification.
  • Buttons relating to the current transaction are located in the transaction panel on the right for quick access.
  • When an item in the transaction panel is selected you are able to edit quantity, discounts and notes.
  • Configurable button areas for a customised experience.
  • Improved workflow logic between screens.
  • Number of buttons reduced while maintaining equal functionality.
  • Reduced number of button clicks required to carry out common actions.