Apps Hold the Key to the Reopening of Britain’s Pubs

Written by James Shaw

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As we inch closer to July 4, the date on which hospitality businesses could begin to reopen, tentative optimism is spreading through the British pub industry.

This is all because of a ‘blueprint’ drawn up by the Department for Business, which involves a plan for patrons to place orders remotely via apps, in order to minimise queueing and crowding at the bar. Major chains like Weatherspoons and Green King already have their own remote ordering apps, and pubs are expected to be asked to adopt similar technology as they prepare to reopen their doors in July.

The news comes as breweries are preparing to deliver millions of pints to Britain’s pubs ahead of July 4. According to reports, the reopening of Britain’s pubs is likely to take place in two stages, beginning with the opening of beer gardens before service can resume indoors.

Under the new arrangements, guests can expect to be greeted at the doors of pubs, and informed of the operating process. The British Beer and Pub Association is already working with a number of app providers to explore ways in which customers make orders remotely, to help manage numbers and reduce physical interactions.

One app that is set to help pubs reopen is HOPT, the free mobile ordering system that allows customers to browse, order, and pay on their phones, straight from the pub or restaurant table. Apps like HOPT send orders straight to a POS system, so staff can easily keep track of orders, all while maintaining a safe and COVID-secure environment for customers.

Click here to find out more about HOPT.

In addition to integrating with remote ordering apps, pubs will be expected to enforce strict social distancing measures. Pubs will be required to establish a 2-metre social distancing rule; display clear signage; frequently clean surfaces; and ensure they’re able to take contactless payments.

For more on how to prepare your hospitality business for reopening, see our complete guide here.

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