How The Epos Pocket can Revolutionise your Pub

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The limited space in pubs means that guests no longer feel the hustle and bustle of a busy pub, using their elbows to fight through the crowds on their way to the bar. No more squeezing between regulars sitting at the bar and a brief chat whilst waiting for a pint.

There’s no doubt that your staff are feeling the same. Working in a pub is a very sociable job, after all. If you’re operating either bar service or a hatch at the window, it’s not quite the same - there are queues meaning there’s little time for a chat when you have to move guests on and ask them to sit at a table.

One drawback to how traditional pubs are operating is that solitary drinkers, who usually sit at the bar chatting to staff, may stay for a shorter period of time, and therefore spend less money.

Queuing in itself presents another problem. Many traditional pubs are very narrow and have limited space as it is, so queueing doesn’t allow for social distancing - especially when guests need to also move through the pub to visit the bathroom.

Table service is, of course, an option but with traditional table service of taking orders on a notepad, staff will need to constantly run back and forth between the bar.

So how do you solve these problems? The answer is the Epos Pocket.

The Epos Pocket has the potential to truly revolutionise your pub and we’re here to tell you why.


What is the Epos Pocket?

The Epos Pocket is a handheld POS and ordering device that works in perfect sync with your existing Epos Now terminal.

With an Epos Pocket, your staff don’t need to learn a whole new system because it’s the exact same interface as your existing till.

It will also reduce the cost of having paper notepads for order-taking, further helping save the planet as well as ensuring that all sales sync in your back office.

If you sell out of a particular product, don’t worry because it will automatically update on your Epos Pocket so your staff don’t sell an out of stock item.


How the Epos Pocket can revolutionise your Pub

As we’ve mentioned, reopening your pub comes with many challenges for you, your staff and your guests. We’ve created Epos Pocket to make the transition to operating a socially distanced pub easier.

Staff Engagement

Staff will be able to spend more time with your customers as they’ll no longer have to run between tables and the bar to input orders. Whilst the interaction of a long chat between pulling pints isn’t possible, your floor staff can simply hop between tables and chat to regulars.

Accurate Ordering

Notes written on paper in bad handwriting can often lead to staff making mistakes. Instead, you can take orders using your Epos Pocket device. Orders will then ping directly to your main terminal or bar printer, meaning seamless ordering.

Keep Guests Safe

Having multiple guests touch your bar poses more risk to them and your staff. You’ll also have to maintain a much more vigorous cleaning regime.

Sticking to table ordering means that they’ll only touch their own table, meaning you’ll only have to disinfect their table once they leave.

Table ordering and payment also shows a sense of responsibility to older, less mobile customers. You can save them multiple trips to the bar whilst they’re having afternoon drinks with friends.

No Need to Print Drink Menus

Updating and printing daily drink menus is a laborious and expensive task. With an Epos Pocket, staff will have your menu in their pockets ready to reel off to guests when asked what gins or beers you sell.

It will also allow for more upselling opportunities with multiple choice options encouraging staff to sell doubles and premium mixers.

Reduce your Overheads

With less seating and table service only, you’ll need fewer staff members. If you delegate specific responsibilities, such as server and drink pourer, you can work to optimum efficiency.

Take Payment at Table

An Epos Pocket device can also allow you to take payment at the table when paired with a card machine from one of our world leading payment providers.

It doesn’t mean you have to stop accepting cash. You could give your server a float that they keep with them, which also reduces the risk of staff theft.



Whilst we’re still having to socially distance, landlords really have the opportunity to ensure their pub stands out from the crowd in providing great service.

It’s safe to say that in the UK we’re not used to table service for wet led businesses but social distancing is here to stay, for a little while at least.

An Epos Pocket will really enhance your ability to provide table service and stay connected with customers, to get them to spend more and keep coming back.

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