Essential Server Maintenance -
Europe, Middle East & Africa

Monday 27th July 2020 - 2am

We are planning essential server maintenance and upgrades next week. These are imperative in order to continue to improve performance and also to enable some exciting product developments in the near future.

The ‘Front Till’ will remain operational throughout the scheduled upgrade, however the ‘Back Office’ will be unobtainable, which will affect certain functions for a maximum of 2 hours, although in testing this was shown to be much shorter.

During this upgrade the ‘front till’ will display the ‘till is in offline mode’ banner message.

You can receive notifications and follow updates about this and any future scheduled upgrades, including software releases by subscribing to Epos now status page

Q) What will still work during the upgrade?

The front till will remain operational. This means you will still be able to login and create orders, amend orders, print orders, close orders, take payments, open the till, close the till.

Q) How long will there be downtime?

A maximum of two hours but it's likely to be much less.

Q) What will not work during the upgrade?

The Back Office and API will not be operational.

This means that you will not be able to access the back office or complete tasks that require data from the back office such as customer data and apps. Common processes that will be affected are as follows:

Assigning licenses - Assigning licenses will not be possible during the upgrade. Please ensure correct licenses are assigned to the correct locations prior to the upgrade.

Table Plan/Orders - Will be accessible and can be printed but Table Plan will ONLY show orders on the device they were taken on. Once the server is back online, these will sync to the other devices.

Customer Database - This will not be available. You will be able to assign loyalty points following the upgrade.

Printing Orders - Please ensure to have ‘offline order printing’ enabled.

Stock - You will not be able to send, receive, move, amend or check stock during the upgrade. Please check key stock levels prior to the upgrade. Stock levels will be updated by transaction data stored locally following a cloud sync after the upgrade.

Kitchen Display Screens (KDS) - These will not receive new order whilst the server is down.