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“We've grown from 0 to 60 stores in just three years, and needed an EPoS system that could grow with us, that's why we decided to go with Epos Now."

Ben Potter - Founder, EcigWizard

EcigWizard.co.uk was founded by Ben Potter in 2011 with just a £500 investment and is now one of the UK's leading and fastest growing stockists and suppliers of electronic cigarettes, e-liquids and accessories. They pride themselves on their fantastic product range, customer support and their high quality and safety testing. EcigWizard’s retail operations have grown organically, and quickly over the last 3 years, and when they started offering franchises in the UK they began rapidly opening new locations. Currently they are adding up to four a month and they now have almost sixty shops.

Initially the retail locations operated with simple cash tills, but as the business grew Ben quickly realised that they needed a more powerful solution. He was having trouble monitoring what stock levels each of his locations were holding, and as his number of locations was growing the need to have a simple system for new staff to learn became important. Ben also wanted a POS system that would suit all of their specific business needs and that could help them grow their business.

“I find myself checking the Epos Now Back Office on my iPhone about twenty times a day to see the sales tick up”.

Olly Blackmore - Operations Director, EcigWizard

EcigWizard's mixed organisation of directly owned and franchised stores presented some unique challenges. However, through the Epos Now Corporate Module Ecigwizard is able to provide Back Office access to each location, whilst restricting the changes that can be made on the system. The Corporate Module allows EcigWizard.com to easily add products, monitor and assign stock, and compare sales for all their locations and allows each franchisee to customise their system. Epos Now makes it incredibly easy to report on product trends and to identify staff members who are performing particularly well. This data is available to view from any location and accessible across a number of platforms due to the Epos Now cloud-based software.

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Ecigwizard has also makes great use of the Loyalty Module, which allows them to add customer contact information and to use their personalised branded loyalty cards to reward regular customers using a points system. This system allows EcigWizard to make additional sales and boost customer satisfaction, and has become a major selling point for potential new franchisees. The customer data gathered is automatically synchroised to MailChimp to allow for marketing campaigns through the MailChimp integration available on the Epos Now AppStore.

“Utilising Epos Now’s loyalty system, we have managed to engage 53% of loyalty card holders on an ongoing basis, allowing us to build a long lasting relationship with our customers.”

Olly Blackmore - Operations Director, EcigWizard

“EcigWizard needed a system that was easy to use, but provided reporting for their complex and growing business. Our cloud-based software allows them to quickly get setup at new locations, without any additional overhead, whilst providing real-time data to head office through our Back Office.”

Ryan Heaphy - Corporate Account Manager, Epos Now

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