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Explore the latest trends and insights, as well as advice on how to thrive in the retail and hospitality sectors.

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How to Make Your Restaurant More Sustainable in 2021

Published on 1.19.2021

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How to Create a Takeout and Delivery Menu

Your restaurant menu can hinder sales. Follow this guide to streamline the ordering process.

Published on 1.18.2021

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Covid Complacency: Ensuring Retail Workers Stay Safe in 2021

Keep your store operational and employees healthy with these tips for the year ahead.

Published on 1.18.2021

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What is a Good Profit Margin for Retail Stores?

Finding the right markup for your products can be a challenge. See what a healthy profit looks like for a retail store. 

Published on 1.15.2021

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Payroll Protection Program: How to Qualify in 2021

Learn how your business can get financial relief through the Payroll Protection Program.

Published on 1.13.2021

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How to Sell Retail Inventory on Amazon and Ebay

Learn how to do more business and free up shelf space by selling across multiple channels.

Published on 1.13.2021

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How to Streamline Curbside Pickup at Your Restaurant

A smooth takeout process improves productivity and customer experience. Make your curbside routine better with these tips.

Published on 1.11.2021

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How to Grow Your Online Store Organically

Make your store easier to find and sell more products with these tips.

Published on 1.11.2021

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How Retail Shopping Trends Will Change in 2021

Read over these new trends to get your store ahead of the curve.

Published on 1.4.2021

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