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Attract Customers to your Food Delivery Business

5 Jan 2021

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many restaurants to rethink their business model and adapt to a new, albeit temporary, reality.

As a result, restaurants everywhere are beginning to pivot, and many are rightly adding or implementing a takeout model. But for the enterprising restaurateurs who have chosen this path, a perennial question remains: how do you stand out when the competition is growing by the minute?

To help provide an answer, we’ve developed a few ideas that will help you attract customers during the lockdown and, crucially, retain them once you fully reopen your restaurant.

How to attract food delivery customers

Enable Customers to Claim a Reward When You Open Again

To keep customers engaged, and maximize your sales, consider setting up a promotion whereby they can be recognized for their loyalty throughout the lockdown.

Try, for instance, announcing that every customer who orders 3 meals will get 15% off, or a free side or drink. The aim is to use an attractive reward that will incentivize repeat business. To get the most from a promotion like this, be sure to remain in contact with your customers, letting them know how close they are to securing their reward.

Ask customers to leave reviews of their delivery experience

Reviews have never been so important, and they’re vital social proof of the credibility of any business. You should seek your customers’ feedback on the speed and accuracy of your delivery service and the friendliness of the delivery person. Positive feedback in each of these key areas can go a long way toward attracting new business.

Consider offering something in exchange for a review like a discount off of their next purchase.

Show social responsibility

One way to demonstrate customer care is to offer contactless delivery in an effort to reduce unnecessary human interaction. Most major food delivery apps now drop off orders at the door to reduce contact.

We integrate with several trusted businesses on our AppStore which will allow you to operate a completely contactless order and pay experience for your customers.

You can create your own takeout and delivery platform with Epos Now Order & Pay. The system syncs with the menu from your Epos Now POS system and updates whenever you edit it on your back office. All orders go directly to your POS system, kitchen printer, and Kitchen Display Screen.

Leverage Social Media

Now that the majority of people are at home all day long, they’ll be spending a lot of their time on social media. This means you need to find a way to get in front of their thumbs and remind them that you’re still there for them. Try to be creative so that you can reduce your spending on ads.

For instance, invite your customers to share photos of the meals they’ve ordered from you, and encourage them to use a hashtag you’ve created. This will raise brand awareness, make it fun, and genuinely increase your chances to attract new customers. Perhaps people can vote for their favorite photo and you can reward the aspiring photographer with a free dessert when they next order from you, be it physically or online.

Create and Foster a Community Feeling

We may have to stay apart from each other physically, but nothing can stop us from gathering online and maintaining a sense of togetherness. Many of us will need to feel that they can still meet and communicate with new people during self-isolation, albeit not in person.

Expanding on our previous point, why not email those of your customers who place an order with you and invite them to join you in a Facebook group designed specifically to keep people connected throughout the pandemic? There, they can share how they are coping with the lockdown and you can engage in their conversations in a friendly and informal way. It will make your business a lot more personable and strengthen your relationship with your customers.

There is opportunity in the challenge

We know it’s a challenging time for everyone, but Epos Now’s ethos has always been one of seeking the opportunity in the challenge. Now is the best time to get creative in your marketing efforts and test what will resonate with your customers. This could be an invaluable experience that will inform your future campaigns, whilst helping you to get through this temporary new reality.