Because no one likes waiting for the bill

Join thousands of restaurants with the latest payment innovation and let your guests pay their bills from the table using their devices.

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Pay at Table: the new, easier way for customers to pay the bill

Four steps to smooth, staff-free payments

No need for your guests to wait for your staff to free up. They can just whip out their phones and pay whenever they’re ready.

  1. Scan - Your venue will have scannable QR codes or Near Field Communications (NFCs) that link up with your POS system tabs, so customers can access their own bills.
  2. Split - Customers can then split their bill between their party, either by item or evenly between the group, whichever they prefer.
  3. Tip - Customers will then be offered gratuity options such as rounding up the bill or adding a % on as a tip.
  4. Pay - Finally, customers can complete payment on any debit or credit card or via Apple or Google Pay.

No waiting! No hassle! Their bill is paid!

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Keep your staff happy and your tables turning over

Pay at Table helps streamline your operation and lets your team focus on the important customer interactions that boost upselling and keep your customers coming back:

  • Pay at Table is proven to increase tips on any order size while reducing the workload of your team.
  • Customers are not required to download an app to use the service. They only need a smartphone to scan the QR code or use near-field communication.
  • Bills can be paid via all usual credit and debit card providers, as well as Apple or Google Pay.

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Solve problems every restaurant faces with Pay at Table

Did you know 64% of staff in the hospitality industry feel they would be happier in their roles with the addition of more technology? Epos Now’s Pay at Table takes the next step to solving problems faced by restaurants everywhere:

  • 94% of Hospitality staff feel that tech can help them in their role.
  • 88% of customers surveyed recently said that speed of service was important to them.
  • 62% of restaurant customers get frustrated and annoyed trying to catch the waiter's eye to pay their bill.

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Integrate Pay at Table with your existing Epos Now system

Pay at Table offers a seamless way to expand your sales process to include a self-checkout process for your customers.

  • Purchase a Pay at Table and receive QR codes you can place on every table, with NFC options for customers that prefer them.
  • Turn your tables over 20% faster than before you were using Pay at Table.
  • Ease the pressure on your team and let them focus on upselling opportunities across the business

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