Discover your best with the convenience store POS

Move from customer to customer with one-tap processing on an easy-to-use till system you can learn in just 15 minutes. Sell quicker and easier today.

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Efficient stock control

Accurately display book titles 43% quicker for stock takes with our wireless scanner.

Quicker transactions

Save 4 hours per month during sales with the Epos Now Payments integration.

Retain more customers

Add the Loyalzoo integration and see an average 13% increase in revenue.

Build your store for success with convenience store POS software

Make quick sales and manage a diverse inventory with the EPOS solution that gets what it means to be convenient. 

  • Save hours of time with automated, real-time stock counts​
  • Automate purchase orders to prevent stock outages
  • Offer a range of payment options for faster transactions
  • Track margin data to identify your best and worst-selling items
  • Set up and train your staff in as little as 15 minutes

EPOS system, card machine, cash till, and printer included: everything you need to do business.​

$999 $139   * 

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The convenience store POS that offers speed, simplicity, and savings

Simplify stock control

Enhance your business' efficiency and leverage advanced stock control to manage thousands of items from anywhere.

Streamline operations

Managing every element of your business from one cloud-based platform, accessible from any location or device.

Offer safe checkout

Take cash, credit, debit and contactless payments, then send digital receipts for a seamless checkout experience your customers love.

Take stock in minutes, not hours

Import, update, and edit thousands of products with real-time precision with Epos Now’s award-winning inventory management software. 

Manage your inventory at any location from your Back Office. Save valuable time and never miss a selling opportunity with greater stock visibility, automated purchase orders, and stock alerts. 

Generate your own barcodes for speedier service and greater accuracy.

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Cut costs and boost profits with intelligent sales insights

Use data to make the right decisions. With our cloud-based POS for convenience stores, you can view sales, product, and employee management insights at the touch of a button – and from any location or device. ​

  • Use detailed sales reports to identify high-margin items for promotions.
  • Leverage historical sales data to forecast with accuracy.
  • Identify your top-performing products and staff members.
  • Integrate with market-leading bookkeeping apps to take the headache out of accounting.
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Rest easy with state-of-the-art security

Automatically record transactions and staff movements through your convenience store POS software, reducing fraud, error, and theft.

Set permissions to limit refunds, no-sales, voids, and discounts to qualified employees. Add an extra layer of security with ID codes and staff swipe cards. 

All Epos Now payments terminals are PCI compliant by default to ensure robust security for both merchants and customers. 

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Payment processing made simple

We’re making payment processing easier for businesses! With fixed rates Epos Now Payments gives your business a flexible way to take card payments, with no hidden fees.**

With the ability to seamlessly sync with our POS systems, you get real-time data, detailed reports, and lightning-fast next-day payouts with just a few clicks. 

Convenience, clarity, and control—Epos Now Payments can help your business find financial success.

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Award-winning support team

With Epos Now, you’ll never feel like you’re going it alone. ​​

We provide round-the-clock support, as well as personalised, one-on-one onboarding, and unlimited training and coaching.

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Frequently asked questions

If you'd like to know anything else about how Epos Now can help your business, get in touch with our team, or read our frequently asked questions.

What is the best POS system for convenience stores?

The best EPOS system for convenience stores offers fast service when shoppers are in a hurry, and full control to merchants at all times. 

The best POS for convenience stores will account for a range of seasonal and staple items, food, and over-the-counter medicines. Your system should also host POS hardware, like integrated scales, to calculate the prices of produce and other groceries. 

To protect your business and customers, you should opt for a cloud EPOS system with secure payment processing. Traditional devices store your data locally, making them vulnerable to fire, theft, and other damage. A cloud system keeps all data in remote servers. Pair this system with a PCI-compliant card processor to ensure the safe handling of your customers' payment information.

What integrations should I have for my convenience store POS system?

The best integrations for convenience stores will simplify business operations. To start, you should pair your system with accounting software to streamline bookkeeping. You may also want to incorporate online ordering into your business to bring even more convenience to your customers!

Since convenience stores are staples of a community, your POS solution should tap into loyalty schemes and marketing platforms. These integrations will help you connect with your repeat shoppers to demonstrate how much they mean to you and to encourage them to continue visiting your store.

But your system will already have many settings you can use to add convenience, such as digital receipt options to cut paper costs and waste. Combining the right settings and integrations can help you create the perfect setup for your convenience store.

What is the best inventory software for retailers?

With an Epos Now POS system, there’s no need for separate inventory management software or spreadsheets as all of your inventory is stored in your back office system and automated.

Using an Epos Now inventory system, your convenience store's inventory will update as you trade, and as you restock, eliminating the need for regular stock checks and reducing the workload and staff requirements for your business.

Discover your best with the convenience store POS

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