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Why choose Epos Now

Developed over 12 years, our POS devices are built for retail and hospitality businesses.

Our affordable POS systems are used in over 64,000 business locations across 70+ countries.

Unlimited training, one-on-one onboarding and round-the-clock customer service available.

Everything your business needs to success in one package

The complete POS system from Epos Now is ready to launch your business.

  • Epos Now Pro-C15W terminal, including water-resistant touch screen and solid-state drive
  • Epos Now business software
  • 80mm thermal Epos Now GX receipt printer
  • High-quality, secure, all-metal cash drawer
  • Installation, configuration and training

From AED 3,815

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The all-in-one POS system for every task

Comprehensive reporting

Understand your sales, identify your growth sectors, and better analyse your business.

Manage your business anywhere

Access your business data in real-time from any device.

Scalable solutions

Add new devices as you expand. Our Epos Now system grows with your business.

Seamless integrations with popular apps

Integrate popular apps with your Epos Now POS system to streamline operations and customise it to your business needs.

  • Synchronise with ecommerce platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce
  • Start a customer loyalty program to increase recurring revenue
  • Add Quickbooks, Xero, or Sage apps to your POS system for easier accounting
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POS system for retail

Our POS system helps you set up your shop, manage your staff and sell more inventory while reducing your workload. 

  • Complete barcode management: import, update, and easily manage 1,000s of products
  • Seamlessly add ecommerce, click-and-collect, and delivery ​
  • Track margin data to identify your most profitable products​
  • Save hours of work with automated, real-time stock counts​
  • Set up loyalty schemes to reward repeat shoppers
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POS system for hospitality

Bar, takeaway or restaurant? The POS system gives you the power to make sure that your customers get the right orders faster. 

  • Synchronise your front and back of the house to increase sales and table turnover
  • Build a custom floor plan for simple table management
  • Offer online ordering options to win more customers and boost revenue
  • Drive repeat business with promotions
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About Epos Now

Epos Now has been helping businesses transform their point of sale (POS) systems since 2011.

We empower businesses in the global retail and hospitality industries with our POS systems that give them seamless transactions, streamlined operations, and a fuss-free experience.

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How it works with Epos Now

Our mission is to ensure your business' success by giving you endless support. When using Epos Now, we offer you:

  • Quick delivery of your POS system to your chosen location
  • 24/7 round-the-clock assistance to keep you trading smoothly
  • 1-on-1 onboarding, with personalised guidance as your transition to your new POS system
  • Unlimited training on our POS system
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Frequently asked questions

Not answered all your questions? If you'd like to know more about Epos Now and our products, request a call back - our customer service team is unparalleled in delivering exceptional support and customer experiences.

What is a POS system?

Simply put, POS means 'point of sale'. A point-of-sale system is a combination of hardware and software, designed to help your business make sales smoothly.

However, where traditional till systems record sales, POS systems do much more! Some of the benefits of POS systems can also help you to:

  • Generate detailed reports (from sales to inventory to staff)

  • Manage your products or services with smart inventory management, including giving low-stock alerts

  • Sync with leading apps to tailor your experience and enhance customer loyalty (such as being able to offer delivery, online shopping, or loyalty programs)

  • Add customer details and purchase histories

  • Access your data from any device in real-time (if using a cloud-based POS system)

POS systems are also often referred to as electronic point of sale (EPOS).


How much does a POS system cost?

The cost of a POS system varies based on factors such as system type (traditional or cloud-based), business size, hardware requirements, software features, payment processing fees, support and training, and customisation needs.

Here is a more detailed breakdown for you:

  • Traditional POS systems require an upfront investment. Cloud-based systems involve a monthly subscription fee and may also have an upfront fee.

  • Larger businesses and those needing advanced features will likely require more expensive POS systems to manage across multiple sites.

  • Hardware components and accessories like cash registers, barcode scanners, and receipt printers contribute to the overall cost. Prices vary based on quality and features.

  • The functionality and features needed impact the cost. Basic systems are more affordable, while advanced systems with inventory management and integration capabilities can cost more, depending on POS system provider.

  • Payment processing fees, including transaction fees and interchange rates, should be considered.

  • Support and training levels vary, depending on the POS system provider, and can affect the cost of the system. Some companies charge for additional training sessions beyond implementation.

  • Customisation and integration requirements may increase the cost.

To get a specific cost estimate, consult with POS system providers, compare options, and request quotes based on your budget and requirements.

How does a POS system work?

A POS system is designed to help you effortlessly manage transactions, quickly process payments, and make your business life easier. Here's the breakdown of how a POS system works, from sales processing to growing your business:

  1. Ring it up: When a customer picks out their favourite items or orders a meal, you're all set to ring up the sale. Pick the correct products in your POS system, scan the barcodes, or manually input the prices.

  2. Do the maths: Your POS system does the heavy lifting, adding up the total cost, including promotions, taxes and any discounts.

  3. Payment time: Time for customer payment collection! Modern POS systems enable swift, hassle-free transaction processing. Whether cash, debit or credit card or mobile payments, the POS handles everything as it integrates with payment providers by connecting to the internet.

  4. Receipt ready: After the transaction, the POS system can print or email a receipt with all the purchase details. Keep those customers happy!

  5. Inventory update: With every sale, the POS system keeps tabs on your inventory. It automatically subtracts sold items from the stock, so you always know what's left on the shelves.

  6. Data insights: A great POS system also gives you valuable insights. You can track sales, inventory trends, and customer preferences - perfect for making savvy business decisions. Cloud-based EPOS systems ensure your valuable business and client data are stored securely for optimal protection.

  7. Work smarter, not harder: Lastly, your trusty cloud-based POS system simplifies your life. From managing employees to handling customer loyalty programs, it's got your back every step of the way. The cloud-based infrastructure guarantees constant data protection, allowing you to focus on your business operations with peace of mind.

Modern POS systems allow you to focus on serving your customers and growing your business, all while keeping your valuable data safeguarded at all times.

How do you set up a POS system?

Our Epos Now POS systems are designed for quick and easy setup! We provide clear instructions on setting up your hardware, as well as guides and personalised one-on-one onboarding to learn how to use our software.

But our support doesn't stop at the initial setup. We've got an extensive support centre packed with articles on how to use your POS system. Whether it's logging in or managing your inventory, we've got you covered. With 24/7 support also available, instant help is only a phone call away. There is no more waiting around for solutions - our cloud-based POS system means we can instantly help to diagnose any issues and quickly fix them for you.

Our software is user-friendly too. Training new staff is a breeze once your POS system is all setup. It takes less than 15 minutes to get them up to speed and comfortable using the system. (Pretty impressive, right?)

Whether you're a tech whiz or just starting, Epos Now has your back. We're here to make your POS experience smooth and oh-so-easy.

What is the best accounting and EPOS software?

Accounting software and POS software usually are separate systems. However, with an Epos Now POS system, you can seamlessly integrate with your chosen accounting software provider like Xero, Quickbooks or Sage with your POS.

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