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Build a better business with powerful point of sale (POS) systems from Epos Now. With us, you'll get access to:

  • POS software and hardware
  • Cash drawers, POS terminal, and receipt printers
  • Free onboarding and app starter pack

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Why Epos Now?

Affordable POS

We believe every business owner should have access to incredible POS systems. We've designed our systems to be affordable and powerful.

Accessible anywhere

Always on the move? Thanks to our cloud-based POS system you can log into the back office from anywhere with an internet connection.

Extremely flexible

A POS system that scales with your business and grows as you grow. Seamlessly add devices, accessories, and integrations.

The perfect POS system for all businesses

We've spent over a decade ensuring our POS systems are the best options for your business. Our cloud-based POS systems include:

  • Responsive 15.6" touchscreen POS machine
  • Ethernet and WiFi enabled
  • User-friendly POS software with access to a suite of apps
  • Integrations with major payment providers
  • Useful features like business reports and inventory management

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Retail POS

The best option for the retail industry and businesses such as clothing, convenience, and gift shops

  • Retail POS
  • ​Real-time inventory management​
  • ​Simple data entry
  • ​Accept payments quickly​
  • ​Ecommerce integrations​
  • ​Handle multiple locations ​
  • 24/7 support​
  • ​1-on-1 onboarding
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Hospitality POS

The ideal choice for the hospitality industry and businesses such as restaurants, cafes, and bakeries.

  • Hospitality POS
  • ​Kitchen and customer management​
  • ​Real-time analytics and reports​
  • ​Cater to both online ordering and dine-in customers
  • ​Employee management​
  • ​inventory management
  • Marketing solutions
  • 24/7 support​
  • ​1-on-1 onboarding

The best POS software around

Whether you're in the retail or hospitality industry, Epos Now POS systems are packed with incredible features that can help you run a better business.

As you trade, your system will automatically collect your sales data and convert it into valuable sales reports that track everything from store performance to consumer behavior.

You'll also be able to accept almost any payment method, including credit and debit cards, contactless, and digital wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

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Sensational support options

We pride ourselves on the service we provide to our customers, but should you need us, our support team is ready and waiting to help with anything you need.

  • You never have to go through a third party with us; our team is based in-house
  • Our team is trained to assist with all aspects of our offering including apps and hardware issues
  • With our premium support package, you can talk to real person 24/7 or or live chat between 9am-7pm GMT
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If you have any further questions about Epos Now, get in touch with our team or read our FAQ.

What is a POS system?

POS stands for "point of sale." This is the place when a transaction is completed, and a customer pays a merchant in exchange for goods or services.

An POS system, therefore, is a combination of hardware, such as a countertop terminal or cash register, and POS software designed to help you run your business more effectively - including recording those POS transactions!

Where traditional cash register systems only record sales, POS systems not only record the transactional information but can generate detailed POS reports in response to the input data.

Cloud-based POS systems can sync together to seamlessly tally data between multiple systems and store data on stock, staff, sales, and more - which you can access from anywhere, at any time, with an internet-enabled device.

Epos Now EPOS systems can also integrate with our numerous apps, integrations, and accessories, giving you even more options to customise your POS system into the tool your business needs.

How much does a POS system cost?

Many factors go into a POS system's price, including the amount of terminals needed, extra accessories and software, and more.

We highly recommend that businesses purchase whatever is needed to build the most successful enterprise, our custom bundles come with portable card machines and cash drawers, but you can add any specialist hardware that will help you run your business.

However, our sales team will be more than happy to lead you through building your system and finding a deal that works for you.

How do you set up a POS system?

Epos Now POS systems are easy to set up. Every system we sell comes with an easy-to-understand instruction manual. In addition, in your first month with us, you’ll be assigned an implementation specialist to ensure your system is running as it should be. 

In essence, the process works like this: 

Step 1 - Set up the hardware as described in the instruction manual. 

Step 2 - Turn it on and follow the setup wizard to connect to the internet, add accessories, company details, and logo for receipt customisation.

Step 3 - Now it's time to set up your terminal point of sale software. This includes adding your products, prices, inventory, staff, and customer profiles to the system.

Once setup is finished, you can learn to use them and start training your staff on the system in as little as 15 minutes! Our 24/7 support team is here to help if you need any assistance.

What is the best POS system for me?

Every business has its own unique needs. Therefore, the best POS system for one business may be entirely unsuited to another.

That's why we're proud to offer POS systems that are crafted for your business and industry.

If you operate a retail store, you'll be best served by a POS system that can quickly process transactions and track a large inventory down to your last piece of stock, including stock for your online store.

Hospitality businesses need a POS system that can deliver smooth service between the front and back of house , handle customer relationship management (including creating customer loyalty schemes), and a solid, adaptable inventory system.

With Epos Now, you'll be able to build a POS system that meets the exact needs of your business, thanks to our robust hardware and customisable software.

Build a better business with Epos Now

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