Unleash page-turning possibilities with our tailored bookshop POS system!

Start a new chapter in your business with streamlined processes, fast sales, effortless inventory management, and tailored detailed reports.

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Cover-to-cover speed

Scan book titles 43% faster during stock takes with our wireless scanner.

Retain more readers

Integrate Loyalzoo for an average 13% revenue surge.

Edit your management

Cut monthly admin by up to 10 hours with our software solutions.

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The complete bookstore point of sale package

Choose the bookstore EPOS solution that gives you the tools you need to run a thriving multi-channel business. ​

  • Sell online and tap into a global customer base with integrated e-commerce functionality.
  • Arrange items by author, genre, and cover type using our advanced product matrix.
  • Access online sales reports to monitor top-selling titles and trends.
  • Craft tailored loyalty programmes to honour your most devoted readers.
  • Manage inventory effortlessly with our bookstore inventory management software.
  • Provide ease with effortless refunds and exchange options for enhanced customer flexibility.

EPOS system, metal cash till, and thermal printer included - everything you need to do business.​

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Take your bookstore online

Offering an online bookstore expands accessibility for readers, making sought-after titles more discoverable. With Epos Now you can seamlessly link your website to your bookstore POS system.

  • Enhance sales while overseeing both online and offline operations from a single platform.
  • Manage purchases, synching online and in-store transactions within your Epos Now back office.
  • Provide added safety and convenience to your customers by offering Click & Collect services.
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Inventory management simplified

Dive into an inventory management solution crafted for book lovers, simplifying the management of your extensive collection with ease.

  • Our in-built product matrix caters to bookshop owners, allowing effortless categorisation by author, genre, and cover type.
  • Ensure your shelves are always filled through automated purchase orders.
  • Take stock swiftly, turning hours of inventory management into mere minutes.
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Personalised service for lasting reader bonds

Bookstores embrace varied tastes and interests, making customer relationships pivotal. Loyalty and reward programmes foster this connection, offering a personal touch to your service.

  • Craft customer loyalty schemes, rewarding dedicated readers and fostering repeat business.
  • Offer customers loyalty cards and store credit, enhancing their shopping experience.
  • Quickly roll out promotions on the latest releases, engaging your audience with timely offers.
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Insightful reports for literary trends

Stay ahead in the literary world with our sales reports. Our bookstore POS systems can help with spotting popular titles and genres for accurate forecasting and targeted promotions.

  • Capture customer preferences, whether online or in-store, at the point of sale.
  • Get instant insights into customer trends, and understand their preferences.
  • Access crucial insights from multiple locations, for better decision-making.
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Get support, anytime

Epos Now provides 24/7 dedicated support tailored to your needs. Contact us today to discover our award-winning training and onboarding services.

  • Get your POS system set up quickly with our one-on-one onboarding.
  • Our support is completely in-house, which means you’ll be chatting with us directly - no third-party hassle.
  • Every team member is trained on our systems so they can expertly diagnose and fix your problems and offer additional training.
  • Unlock 24/7 round-the-clock support with our premium support package or contact us from 9am - 6pm with phone and live chat option
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Frequently asked questions

If you'd like to know anything else about how Epos Now can help your business, request a callback, or read our frequently asked questions.


How does Epos Now support bookstore businesses?

Epos Now provides tailored solutions for bookstores, integrating transaction processing, inventory management, and sales tracking into one efficient system. Our platform seamlessly incorporates customer relationship management (CRM) apps to curate detailed customer profiles and preferences, fostering personalised experiences. 

Additionally, it includes employee management tools, tracking work hours and performance, promoting efficient workforce management. With comprehensive sales history records, bookstore owners gain insights into trends, aiding in informed, data-driven decisions for business growth.

What is a bookstore POS system?

A bookstore POS system is a specialised solution designed to streamline operations in bookstores. It encompasses transaction processing, inventory management, and sales tracking. Alongside these functions, it integrates customer relationship management (CRM) apps to develop detailed customer profiles and preferences.

 These systems also incorporate employee management tools for tracking working hours and performance. Additionally, bookstore POS systems maintain comprehensive sales history records, empowering owners to analyse past trends and make informed, data-driven business decisions.

Which POS integrations are vital for bookstores?

To stay competitive, bookstores benefit from three essential integrations. Firstly, partnering with an ecommerce platform allows them to expand their reach, selling books online and attracting a global customer base.

Secondly, establishing connections with email marketing platforms such as Mailchimp enables ongoing communication and engagement with customers.

Lastly, linking the POS system with accounting software streamlines bookkeeping and financial reporting, simplifying overall financial management.

What's the ideal book inventory management software for retailers?

The Epos Now POS retail system streamlines book inventory management software. It eliminates the need for standalone inventory software or manual spreadsheets by automating inventory tasks within your back office system. Regardless of the volume of books on your shelves, our system centralises and automates inventory tracking seamlessly.

Moreover, it empowers you to establish low-stock alerts, ensuring you're aware of which books require reordering post-sale, thus averting any bare-shelf scenarios. This approach optimises book inventory management, ensuring efficient operations and preventing stock-related challenges.

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