Be at the cutting-edge with our barber shop POS

Snip away at the knots holding back your business: make more bookings, generate better reports and build customer loyalty, all in one system.

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Optimise reporting

Save 8 hours a month by exporting sales data with Quickbooks.

Increase loyalty

Integrate with loyalty programs to see an average 13% increase in revenue.

Cheaper trade

Save around AED 110 per month in printer supplies with the Epos Now POS solution.

Get the ultimate barber shop POS setup!

Manage all aspects of your business from your dedicated barbershop POS system:

  • Craft a service menu for swift POS checkouts
  • Track profits, trends, and top employees in real-time using our detailed reporting functions
  • Simplify diary management with our free online booking site for excellent customer experience
  • Efficiently manage your inventory with extensive inventory management features
  • Integrate effortlessly with accounting, loyalty programs, and marketing apps

Enjoy the inclusive package: POS hardware, software, cash till, and printer. Perfect for small business owners everywhere.

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The point of sale system for busy barbers

Take bookings online

Allow customers to book their next appointment online, or book clients directly from your POS system - availability updates automatically.

Better stock control

Inventory updates with each completed hair treatment you enter into your POS, and with each product you sell on the shop floor.

Real-time insights

Access dozens of reports and data anywhere, anytime with our cutting-edge cloud technology you can access securely through any online device.

Maximise profits with smart sales solutions

Unleash your barbershop point of sale potential:

  • Empower each barber with personalized logins for flexible pricing and services
  • Boost sales by recommending and selling tailored hair, skin, and beard care products
  • Open new avenues of income with custom-designed and enticing gift cards
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Become the go-to barber shop of choice!

Barbering is personal. That’s why knowing your customers is key. A specialised barber shop POS system can take loyalty to the next level.

  • Capture customer profiles with each visit to expand your insights​
  • Craft targeted marketing campaigns using personalised customer details​
  • Implement loyalty programs and exclusive offers to encourage repeat customers
  • Effortlessly issue store credit and sleek branded loyalty cards​ for excellent customer service
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Tailored POS solutions, just for you!

Customise your barber shop or salon business POS with Epos Now.

  • Use your barber shop POS software across iOS, Windows, and Android devices
  • Access your POS system from a wide range of laptops and computers for convenience
  • Customise and expand as needed with additional services and devices
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Top-notch support at your service!

Enjoy round-the-clock dedicated phone support and unlimited personalised coaching and training sessions.

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Frequently asked questions

If you'd like to know anything else about how Epos Now can help your business, speak to our team, or read our frequently asked questions.

What is a barber shop point of sale system?

Curious about barber shop POS systems? These are like your tailored toolkits, designed exclusively for barber shops. They're a fantastic blend of POS hardware and software geared to handle your day-to-day operations like a pro—think inventory, sales, and smooth barbershop management.

Now, imagine having this powerhouse at your fingertips. With barbershop POS software, you can breeze through sales, keep an eye on inventory levels, and ace customer data—all from one spot. It's your all-in-one solution to streamline everything.

Whether you're kickstarting your shop or you're a seasoned pro, these barber shop POS systems are your time-savers, efficiency boosters, and the ultimate customer experience enhancers. 

Is this POS software easy to use?

You bet! We made sure our POS solution is extremely user-friendly and crafted with you in mind.

We kick things off with personalised onboarding, holding your hand every step of the way to set up your new barber shop POS system. And trust us, you’ll be up to speed in no time!

Training your staff? Piece of cake! Once you’re onboarded, it takes less than 15 minutes to get your team using our POS solution like pros!

Plus, you get to control access levels for your staff—keeping things smooth and secure, even if you’re managing different stations.

Oh, and the best part? Our support team is on call 24/7, ready to swoop in and assist whenever you need a hand.

With our cloud-based POS solution, you’ll breeze through, focusing on top-notch customer service and growing your business, all while your tech works its magic behind the scenes.

Is cloud-based barber shop POS software secure?

Absolutely. Our cloud-based barber shop POS software prioritises the security of all data—yours and your customers'. It's designed with a stringent security framework, employing the latest physical and electronic protections available.

Your data and your customers’ information are securely stored in the cloud, safeguarded by advanced security measures. We've implemented robust encryption protocols and stringent access controls to fortify the safety of your data.

The cloud serves as a highly secure environment, fortified by modern security protocols that shield your information from potential threats. Our continuous updates and proactive security measures ensure that your data remains confidential and well-protected.

Bring your barber business to new heights with Epos Now POS system

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