The bakery POS system that empowers businesses to rise

The Epos Now bakery point of sale (POS) system is the perfect solution for bakery businesses looking to maximise efficiency and serve more customers.

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Save some dough

Cut wastage by up to 60% with Epos Now’s bakery POS software, saving you money and providing extra products.

Fresh, fast service

Our POS systems help you sell more products faster with quick transactions and partnerships with major payment processors.

Automate your admin

Spend more time baking by automating your admin task with helpful integrations like QuickBooks and our many POS features

The perfect POS for any bakery business

Our bakery POS systems help bakery owners like you save on food costs while also improving business performance.

  • Experience a bakery POS system that’s easy to set up to start trading quickly
  • Catalogue all your delicious creations and give your staff easy access to everything you sell
  • Automate your business operations with helpful features and our inventory management system
  • Access your cloud POS system from anywhere, at any time, using a device with an internet connection

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Boost your speed and service with bakery POS software

Specialised sales software

On-the-go customers want quick service. Accept all payment methods and program custom barcodes for each product so you can serve quickly.

Inventory management

You need precise measurements for baking ingredients. Our sophisticated inventory management tracks everything down to the gram.

Encourage customer loyalty

Who doesn't love fresh bread every morning? Customer management tools like loyalty programmes keep shoppers coming back.

Rise to the top with bakery POS features

A bakery's business hours often last from early in the morning until just before dinner. You need a bakery POS system that can keep up with you throughout the entire day.

Epos Now systems are designed with business needs in mind and boast features including order management, table plans, detailed reporting, employee management, and loyalty programs.

Seamlessly add extra systems, track sales, and manage inventory across your bakery business - even across multiple locations.

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Automate valuable reports on your business operations

Understanding how your business works and how it's doing financially is important. Our bakery POS software builds detailed business reports to help you stay ahead.

  1. Our bakery software collects your sales and customer data during your business hours
  2. Data is collated into easy-to-understand reports (and can be broken down across multiple locations if you’re a franchise)
  3. Use this real-time information to make more informed decisions on your business
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Reward loyal customers

Whether they need a fresh loaf of bread or a sweet lunchtime treat, repeat customers are an essential part of keeping a bakery profitable.

To keep these customers coming back, Epos Now Loyalty helps you set up a robust loyalty programme quickly and easily.With your loyalty programme, you can set rewards, offer exclusive discounts, and build customer profiles with favourites readily available.

Want more options? Download a range of apps from our Epos Now AppStore to customise your POS system further.

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Support when you need it

With Epos Now you’re never left on your own! We want to help you grow with our bakery POS software and hardware. Our in-house support team is there to help you with set-up, one-to-one onboarding, and additional training. Access 24/7 help with our premium support package, and reach us using email, phone or live chat.

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Frequently asked questions

Building a successful bakery is like cultivating a healthy yeast starter; it takes care to help it grow - and we’re here to help. If you have any questions about our bakery POS solution, read our FAQ or get in touch with our friendly team.

What is a bakery POS system?

In short, POS stands for "point of sale". You need both POS hardware and POS software to work together to build a POS system for your business. 

POS software is a specialised application designed to make transactions and streamline the sales process at the point of purchase. It typically includes features for inventory management and sales tracking, and can also help with your day-to-day business operations.

POS hardware refers to physical devices, including cash registers, receipt printers, barcode scanners and payment terminals. 

A bakery POS system has been optimised to meet the business needs of the hospitality industry, including table plans, detailed stock control, and employee management tools. Epos Now’s POS system specialises even further, as a bakery owner can add integrations covering everything from online ordering to order management, and customer loyalty to accounting.

What key features does Epos Now's Bakery POS software have?

The true value of a point of sale system is the different features that help businesses streamline their process and serve their customers better. Epos Now’s POS systems offer you:

  • Table planning
  • Extensive inventory management and stock control
  • Remote access to all your data
  • Real-time sales and data analytics that track your bakery’sperformance
  • Powerful POS software that integrates with your favourite apps, including accounting software
  • Integrations with major payment processing services
  • Much, much more!
What's the best POS solution for the hospitality industry?

Every business has a specific set of needs that should be met to ensure success. Bakery owners should look for systems with robust hardware and wide-ranging bakery POS software. This should include a responsive payment terminal, a suite of helpful apps, and features like delivery management for online orders.

Features and tools like the ones mentioned above can help you improve your bakery and build a better overall business. With Epos Now, you get access to powerful bakery POS software and sturdy POS hardware.

Is cloud-based POS software secure?

We take the security of our customers very seriously. All customer data is stored off-site in secure servers to prevent theft or damage. We also use encryption technology to ensure our systems can't be breached.

Cloud-based POS systems have huge benefits - accessing your data 24/7 is just one of them! But even if your Wi-Fi cuts out, our offline mode means you can keep processing transactions until all systems are back online, giving you minimal interruption to your service.

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