The car wash POS system that keeps you squeaky clean

Put your business into next gear with a point of sale (POS) car wash system. Automate your admin, speed up your service, and clean more cars than ever before.

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Easy automation

Automate your processes with a click of a button and save an average of 10 hours a month on admin and employee management.

Speedy service

Our lightning-fast car wash POS software lets you serve customers and conduct transactions quickly and efficiently.

Keep them coming

Encourage repeat business with customer loyalty programmes that reward your customers for bringing their car back to you.

Build a better car wash business

Perfect checkout process

Our POS software is designed to make payment processing as quickly as possible and accepts most forms of payment including cash, credit, and contactless payments.

Custom care packages

Different cars require different care packages. With our car wash point of sale, you can easily build packages that meet the exact needs of your customers and their vehicles.

Valuable business insights

Epos Now POS systems automatically build insightful business reports as you trade. The information you need to make informed decisions about your business operations.

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The ideal POS for car wash businesses

As a car wash owner, you need a POS system to handle your business so that you can focus on your customer experience.

  • Get a robust POS system that’s quick to set-up and easy to use 
  • Offer all your services - from custom-built car detailing packages to deals and discounts
  • Automate your admin, like employee performance and inventory management
  • Take advantage of a suite of apps and integrations, like Epos Now Loyalty to reward your repeat customers
  • Access your car wash POS system from anywhere with an internet connection

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Full of powerful POS features

Car wash operators like you need a system they know will help their business run smoothly. An Epos Now car wash POS system is full of features that will get engines revving.

Struggling to keep track of day-to-day business management? Our car wash point-of-sale solution automates employee and inventory checks so you can always stay on top of admin.

Plus, stay effortlessly informed about your car wash company from any location. Using an internet-connected device, you gain immediate access to real-time sales data for all business transactions and generate insightful reports with ease.

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Turn new customers into regulars

Everyone needs to get their car washed every now and again. Our dedicated POS system helps car wash owners bring in these customers and turn them into repeat visitors.

With Epos Now Loyalty, you can easily set up loyalty programmes and set rewards for returning customers including exclusive offers and free washes.

You can also build customer profiles that store preferences for future washes and detailing services.

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Strong support whenever you need it

We're confident that our POS solution will take your car wash business to the next level, but should you need us, our expert support team is here to help.

  • Get your POS system set up quickly with our one-on-one onboarding.
  • Our support is completely in-house, which means you’ll be chatting with us directly - no third-party hassle.
  • Every team member is trained on our systems so they can expertly diagnose and fix your problems and offer additional training.
  • Unlock 24/7 round-the-clock support with our premium support package or contact us from 9am - 6pm with phone and live chat options.   
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Frequently asked questions

You care about cars - we’re passionate about POS! If you’re curious to learn more about how Epos Now can level up your business, talk to friendly sales team—they're here to help!

What is a car wash POS solution?

POS stands for point of sale. A car wash POS system is a specialised computer that has been built with the car wash industry in mind. They can streamline business processes, automate admin, improve customer services, and more!

Our car wash POS also allows business owners to add integrations and hardware to make it even more bespoke. We have accountancy apps, marketing tools, and business reports, as well as different accessories that fufil business niches - these accessories can include tills, tablets, and hand-held portable sales devices. 

In essence, POS software and hardware combine to create a system that helps car washes manage their day-to-day operations more efficiently. 

What key features does Epos Now’s car wash POS have?

We offer a number of different features that can help car wash businesses reach their full potential. The needs of each business is unique so a good POS system needs to cover a wide range of functions.

At Epos Now, we offer:

  • Inventory management
  • Real-time sales and data analytics that track your gym's performance
  • Powerful POS software that integrates with your favourite apps, including accounting software
  • Integrations with major payment processing services selling
  • Much, much more!
What is the best POS system for the car wash industry?

Car wash owners should look out for advanced features such as app integrations, customer management, and loyalty programs.

Each of these helps you create a car wash POS system that ensures a seamless experience for your guests, keeps them coming back, and helps you offer more products and services to maximise sales!

Is cloud-based POS software secure?

We take the security of our customers very seriously. All customer data is stored off-site in secure servers to prevent theft or damage. We also use encryption technology to ensure our systems can't be breached.

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