A cafe POS system making selling smoother

Train staff in 15 minutes. No headaches, no hold-ups, just smooth café POS trading!

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Attract more customers

Boost spending by 67% with Epos Now's Online Ordering.

Streamline your tasks

Cut your admin time by up to 10 hours monthly

Smart savings on hardware

Save over 75 AED monthly on resources with our high-res receipt printer

The coffee shop POS system blending speed, simplicity, and savings

Simpler operations

Manage everything, including sales, stock and staff, in one system, accessible from any location or device

Speedier service

Use mobile and handheld order management tools to maximise transaction volume, and keep the orders flowing during peak times

Drive repeat business

Reach more customers with online ordering functionality, and build customer loyalty with reward programs and marketing tools

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Everything in one cafe POS package!

Our cafe and coffee shop POS system offers:

  • Swift setup, onboarding, and staff training in minutes​
  • Online, delivery, pickup, and multi-channel readiness​
  • Access to business insights on-the-go, across any device​
  • Real-time reporting on staff, customers, sales, margin, and stock​
  • Get your perfect system with flexible settings. Plus, integrate with hundreds of apps including payment systems and accounting software​

Touchscreen POS terminal, cash drawer, and printer - the complete coffee shop management software and hardware solution.

From AED 3,815

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Rated Five Stars
Easy to use and employees can be trained in 15 minutes

Effortless ordering, elevated experience

Craft your cafe business' branded profile on our app-less mobile ordering platform. Customers can browse, order, and pay seamlessly from their phones!

  • Give customers a full-contactless experience as they explore, order, and pay hassle-free
  • Effortlessly coordinate delivery, pickup, and orders through your cafe management system
  • Empower customers to select orders and pickup slots at their preferred convenience

Speed up service, maximise efficiency

  • Make service a breeze with single-touch ordering, guaranteeing faster, smoother transactions
  • Get your baristas in the zone! Our touchscreen recipes with images make drink prep a snap
  • Keep queues short and wait times low, so orders keep flowing, even when it's bustling
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Stay on top of stock

Streamline your cafe's operations and maintain inventory effortlessly with our advanced inventory management system, ensuring smoother workflows and optimised stock control.

  • Our system automatically deducts stock with every coffee sold, so you're always ready to serve
  • Identify and manage unpopular items in storage, optimising your spending
  • Monitor complex inventory seamlessly across all cafes
  • Automate reordering to manage a fully stocked cafe or coffee shop from a single device
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Stay connected anywhere, anytime with cloud access

Our coffee shop pos software lets you manage your cafe from home, the wholesaler, or even Hawaii!

  • Use pin codes or swipe-cards for staff-only access, keeping your system safe and in the right hands
  • Track customer service and staff transactions, fine-tuning service for happier customers
  • Clock-in and out on the system for precise payroll every time
  • Update your menu with a few taps, keeping it fresh and irresistible
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Make your customers feel at home

New faces can cost coffee shops 5x more than keeping your regulars close by. Our cafe pos helps you show some love giving existing customers a reason to stick around.

  • Start cafe loyalty programs for your regulars
  • Send discounts via emails, texts, and push notifications for increased customer satisfaction
  • Gather feedback for better online reviews and service improvements
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Maximise your cafe's potential

Spend less time crunching numbers and more time with customers when you use our powerful reporting tools.

  • Create reports and a personal dashboard to monitor your cafe's best-selling items and goals
  • Highlight top-selling drinks to drive targeted promotions and increase revenue
  • Compare sales to actual inventory to reduce loss and wastage
  • Identify busy times for a reliable staff schedule and efficient business operations
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Top-notch support at your service!

Enjoy round-the-clock dedicated phone support and unlimited personalised coaching and training sessions.

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Frequently asked questions

If you'd like to know anything else about how Epos Now can help your business, reach out to our team, or read our frequently asked questions.

What hardware options are available for hospitality POS systems with Epos Now?

At Epos Now, we offer a diverse range of hardware tailored for the hospitality industry. In specific locales and regions, we provide a specialised kitchen display system (KDS) designed to streamline kitchen operations, enhancing efficiency and order accuracy. - This is currently available in the UK, US, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland. 

Our hardware lineup also includes swipe cards for employee access, printers for receipts and orders, as well as scales to accurately manage inventory in certain locations.

What benefits do online orders offer with a cafe POS system?

Online orders via a cafe POS system streamline operations, ensuring efficient management of customer requests and payments. They boost sales, improve customer convenience, and allow for seamless order processing.

How does a cafe POS system differ from a mobile POS system?

A cafe POS system is tailored for coffee shop owners and quick-service restaurants, offering specialised features for managing their industry-specific needs efficiently.

What distinguishes the best cafe POS system from others?

The best cafe POS system prioritises user-friendly interfaces, robust reporting, inventory management, to help cafes provide exceptional customer service to enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

How does a cafe POS system improve services for quick-service restaurants?

For quick-service restaurants, a cafe POS system makes order processing more efficient, reduces wait times, and enables better management of transactions and customer flow, ultimately enhancing service quality.

A cafe POS that makes selling smoother

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