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Tired of dish juggling? Switch to our all-in-one hospitality POS system! Customisable software, cash drawer, printer, sales terminal—all included.

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More customers

Boost spending by 67% with Epos Now's Online Ordering.

Streamlined tasks

Cut your admin time by up to 10 hours monthly and focus on your customers.

Smart savings

Save over AED 100 monthly on till roll and ink with our high-res receipt printer.

Revolutionie your hospitality business with our all-in-one POS solution

Whether you run a restaurant, food truck, or deli, get it working faster and smarter with a complete POS system.

  • Drive more business and revenue with convenient online ordering options.
  • Access vital data anytime, anywhere, simplifying efficient management across multiple locations.
  • Build customer loyalty through tailored CRM tools that make every guest feel special.
  • Effortlessly streamline inventory management across various locations for smooth operations.

POS system, cash till, and printer included - everything you need to manage hospitality businesses.

AED 3,815

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Top Epos Now gems for your hospitality business niche!

Our hospitality POS systems can benefit businesses in almost any industry.


  • Customise table plans for quick sales and packed houses!
  • Sync food orders from top delivery apps, welcoming a flood of new customers!
  • Track dining times for stellar service and faster table turnover!
  • Seamlessly handle online and in-house orders, keeping everyone satisfied!


  • Track your inventory with stock control software, keeping tabs on every sip and bite!
  • Seamlessly integrate over 100 mobile apps for top-notch business management!
  • Waterproof touch screen and speedy software so you can keep the coffee hot!
  • Boost customer loyalty by offering free drink rewards through special programs!


  • Track complex inventory with weighed, measured, and itemised products!
  • Offer friendlier service with quick access customer management software!
  • Cut queues with customisable sales technology that lets you sell at speed!
  • Manage multiple deli spots and grow your business, while managing trade from your pocket!

Expand customer options with online ordering, delivery, and pay-at-table services!

Link up with top food delivery apps and introduce online ordering and pay-at-table features, giving customers more choices.

  • Provide takeout and delivery services to match market demand.
  • Secure your business's future with a versatile multi-channel solution.
  • Streamline orders by channelling them through your POS system direct to your kitchen.
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Raise your revenue with Epos Now Order and Pay!

Handle all orders, deliveries, and pickups in one convenient spot with Epos Now Order & Pay.

  • Delivery

Skip hefty fees by managing food delivery through your Epos Now system, keeping customers updated on their order status and printing addresses for drivers.

  • Click & Collect

Meet the demand for contactless orders and takeaways, letting customers choose convenient pickup slots.

  • Table ordering

Streamline restaurant operations with at-table ordering—customers can browse, order, and pay hassle-free without any downloads.

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Boost your profits with smart sales insights

Delve into powerful sales reports to trim costs and spot areas for growth.

  • Figure out your crowd-pleasers and slow movers for savvy pricing decisions.
  • Double-check your stock against expected inventory levels for accuracy.
  • Keep tabs on sales, margins, and trends in real-time, wherever you go.
  • Easily export to Sage, Xero, QuickBooks, and more—no accounting headaches!
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Trim time and waste with sharper stock control

Spend minutes, not hours, on stock checks. Our POS systems grant total inventory control—easy as a button tap.

  • Monitor inventory in real-time, even down to the ingredient level.
  • Automate purchase orders and stock levels, ensuring you're never caught short.
  • Craft drink recipes and manage ingredients to curb over-pouring.
  • Effortlessly juggle stock across multiple locations for seamless management.
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Always there when you need us!

With Epos Now, you're never alone.

  • Enjoy 24/7 support plans and personalised one-on-one onboarding.
  • Get unlimited training and coaching—our support is always at your service.
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Frequently asked questions

If you'd like to know anything else about how Epos Now can help your business, read our frequently asked questions or reach out to our expert team.

Who can benefit from hospitality point of sale systems?

Any industry in the hospitality industry could massively benefit from a hospitality point of sale system. Restaurants gain streamlined order processing, while cafes and food trucks can benefit from faster service. Meanwhile, hotels utilise these systems for room service and guest transactions. Food trucks appreciate the mobility and efficient payment processing.

Essentially, any business operating within the hospitality sector, from eateries to accommodations, can leverage the tailored functionalities of a point of sale system to enhance customer service, manage inventory, and improve overall operational efficiency.

How does a restaurant POS system work?

A restaurant POS system serves as the operational heartbeat, seamlessly merging hardware and software to oversee an array of crucial restaurant tasks. It centres on a specialized POS hardware terminal that swiftly manages order processing, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in customer requests.

Beyond order handling, these systems effortlessly tackle payment transactions, fostering seamless interactions with patrons. Inventory management becomes a breeze, tracking stock levels and ingredient usage, while table assignments are easily managed, ensuring optimal seating and flow.

Some advanced systems even seamlessly handle online orders, broadening a restaurant's reach. The accompanying software acts as a meticulous recorder, meticulously documenting sales data, stock inventory, and vital customer information. This collective powerhouse of technology significantly simplifies overall restaurant management, fostering smoother operations and enhanced customer experiences.

What's the best POS system for hospitality businesses?

The best point of sale system for hospitality businesses often depends on specific needs and preferences. Epos Now stands out for its comprehensive features tailored to streamline operations in restaurants, cafes, delis, and various hospitality settings. Its versatility, intuitive interface, and tailored solutions make it a strong contender for businesses seeking efficient and customizable POS systems.

Plus, in some of our locales Epos Now offers payment solutions that allow you to take a wide range of payment options including mobile payments and contactless payments.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

The duration for your order's arrival typically spans between 5 to 10 business days post-submission. This estimated timeframe encompasses the processing period, which involves order verification, packing, and shipment preparations.

Once your order is processed, the shipping duration itself may vary based on the selected courier service and delivery destination. Factors such as geographic location and any unforeseen logistics issues might slightly influence this timeframe.

Rest assured, we endeavour to expedite this process to ensure your order reaches you promptly and efficiently within the specified timeframe.

How long does it take to setup and learn my Epos Now system?

Once you sign up with Epos Now, you'll gain access to Epos Now's onboarding resources, included our dedicated implementation team, support center, and LiveChat services ready to help you get everything ready and working.

The first step, even before your system arrives, will be accessing your back office, which you can do from any online device using your secure login credentials. Once logged in, you can start setting up everything from your personalised receipts to your products list and inventory.

Then, when your kit arrives, you can be ready to plug-in and start learning your way around. Once you've trained your staff and tested your system. You'll be ready to go!

And no matter what, if you run into any problems, our Epos Now support team will be on hand to help keep you on track and trading smoothly!

The hospitality POS you need for your business

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