The spa POS system that boosts business efficiency and serenity

Epos Now's spa point of sale (POS) system has you covered from your head down to your toes. Find harmony in speedy sales, customer retention and profitable pampering with our spa POS software.


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Smooth service

With our integrated spa POS system, you can save an average of 4+ hours per month on quick transactions alone.

Automated admin

Optimise the day-to-day operations of your spa business and get back an average of 10 hours a month.

Embrace online booking

Over 40% of spa bookings are made online. Make things easier for your guests and manage appointments in a few clicks.

A superior POS system for beauty and wellness businesses

  • A modern spa deserves a modern POS system. Epos Now POS hardware and software is designed specifically for the beauty and wellness industry, will keep your business running smoothly.
  • Get your POS system setup quickly with personalised one-on-one onboarding
  • Make sales quickly and easily, and take advantage of spa scheduling software
  • Automate your daily business operations and inventory
  • Track your business performance with detailed real-time business reports
  • Sync your POS system with apps to use powerful marketing tools, build client loyalty, simplify accounting, and more

Get everything you need to trade including a high-speed payment terminal, printer and sturdy cash draw.

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A simply superior spa POS system

Quick and easy

A spa needs a POS system that keeps the customer journey simple. Our spa POS software is designed to keep everything as easy as possible

Optimal business efficiently

Our systems are built to be as easy to use as possible. All your data and features can be accessed in one place with a few clicks of a button.

Reward customer loyalty

Keep your appointment book filled with easy-to-setup loyalty programs that keep your customers coming back with rewards for repeat business.

No more appointment worries

The Epos Now complete spa POS solution makes tracking guest appointments as easy as a massage.

  • Using integrations, set up multi-channel options and let guests use phone or online booking when scheduling appointments
  • Build customer profiles that track guest preferences, past and future appointments, and special requests
  • Use loyalty program integrations to turn new clients into regulars with reward and marketing messages
  • Send automated reminders via email to reduce no-shows
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Fantastic advanced features for spa POS software

Spas and wellness businesses have a very specific set of needs. Epos Now's spa software is packed full of features that will rejuvenate your business.

Between towels, cucumber slices, and dressing gowns, spa owners have a lot to keep track of. Our advanced inventory management tools track everything down to the last facemask.

Epos Now business management tools also include easy automation tools that cover employee management software and streamline operations.

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Build a better business

The more you know the ins and outs of your business, the better service you can offer your guests. Our business software creates in-depth reports.

As you welcome guests, our POS system collects your sales data and converts it into easy-to-read business reports.

These reports give you insights into all aspects of your business and let you make informed decisions about the treatments and services you offer your guests.

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Superb specialised support

Spas are supposed to be relaxing places so we don't want you to stress about your POS systems. As part of our service, we offer support from our highly trained team.

  • We maintain in-house support, so you'll only ever have to deal with us; no third-parties
  • Get 24/7 phone support with our premium care package or talk to our team via phone or live chat 9am-6pm GMT
  • Our team is fully trained on our hospitality and retail POS systems, so they can help you with any issue you may have
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Frequently asked questions

We're always happy to answer any questions about our point of sale solutions and how we can help with spa management. If you'd like to know more about Epos Now, get in touch with our team or read our frequently asked questions.

What is a spa point of sale system?

A point of sale, or POS, system is a specialised computer that handles the day-to day operations of a business. It POS system may include POS accessories, like printers, payment terminals, scanners, and cash drawers, as well as POS software. 

However, a spa POS is a point of sale system that’s designed to meet the unique needs of spa and wellness businesses.

With Epos Now's comprehensive solution, spa owners can access a wide-ranging set of features and POS software that can improve the way they do business. These systems can handle everything from inventory management to payment processing (via partnerships with major payment processors) to staff scheduling.

What key features does Epos Now’s spa POS bundle have?

Every business has its own set of unique business needs and wants. We offer a number of different features that can help spa businesses be the best they can be, including:

  • Inventory management
  • Real-time sales and data analytics that track your store's performance (with customisable dashboards)
  • Powerful POS software with cloud technology to give you remote management
  • Customisability with your favourite apps, including accounting software
  • Integrations with major payment processing services selling
  • And more!
What is the best POS system for the hospitality industry?

Every store is different - so what you need in a point of sale system will be unique to your spa.

You may want to look at a POS system’s capabilities to track inventory, secure your business and customer data, and easy of setup.

A spa should be an oasis of calm and relaxation so you should look out for advanced features such as app integrations, customer management, and loyalty programmes that keeps things running as smoothly as possible. 

These features will help you find a spa POS system that ensures an efficient experience during sales and encourages your customers to keep coming back.

Is cloud-based POS software secure?

We take the security of our customers very seriously. All customer data is stored off-site in secure servers to prevent theft or damage. We also use encryption technology to ensure our systems can't be breached.

Our cloud-based POS systems are robust and reliable, giving you peace of mind when accessing data at any time.

Grab a moment of zen with our spa POS system

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