Nurture sales with a streamlined garden centre POS system

Discover a garden centre POS that gives you accurate, automated inventory management and easy-to-use tools to trade smoothly.

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Blooming efficiency

Spruce up your garden centre management and staff admin, cultivating up to 10 extra hours a month.

More green thumbs

81% of shoppers research online. Feature your inventory on NearSt for a thriving online presence.

Streamline your gear

Scan products quickly and save an average 4+ hours daily with our wireless barcode scanner upgrade.

The versatile garden centre shop POS system

Running a garden centre means spreading your love for plants! Epos Now lets you focus on what matters—delighting customers—while it takes care of the numbers!

  • Manage thousands of products quickly and easily, then update stock and prices in minutes
  • Use customer management tools to boost loyalty and revenue
  • Build insightful reports to monitor performance
  • Offer online ordering for in-store pickup or delivery

Epos Now has everything you need to do business: cloud-based garden centre software, water-resistant touchscreen sales terminal, cash drawer, and printer all included.

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The point of sale system for plant lovers

Effortlessly manage inventory diversity

From flowers to garden tools, track it all across multiple locations on one device for streamlined inventory management at your fingertips.

Elevate your shopping experience

Seamlessly breeze through payments, enjoy customer rewards, and explore hassle-free online ordering for a delightful shopping journey.

Enjoy total business management

Unlock built-in analytics, efficient management tools, and access a vast apps store on a POS system for complete business management.

Deliver an unmatched shopping experience

Utilise your POS system to fine-tune your sales strategies and offer smoother service tot your garden centre customers.

  • Monitor real-time inventory for accurate stock status
  • Sell by weight, size, quantity, and for complex inventory control
  • Automate purchase orders to maintain stocked shelves hassle-free
  • Print custom barcodes for quicker checkout and product management
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Interact and forge connections with your customers

Turn your garden centre into a shopper's paradise on a customer-centric point-of-sale system that ignites excitement for every visit.

  • Craft comprehensive customer profiles to capture preferences, contact details, and more
  • Cultivate a garden loyalty program to incentivize repeat purchases
  • Initiate email marketing campaigns to maintain communication with shoppers
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Bring your garden centre online

With a POS system that syncs with your website, seize the opportunity to broaden your reach and generate additional revenue through online sales for garden centres.

  • Set up your garden centre website using platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce
  • Provide customers with choice and convenience by offering easy in-store pickup or delivery options
  • Seamlessly manage all inventory and data from one device by linking your POS system and website
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Maximise your business potential with smart insights

Growing your garden centre means finding ways to rake in more and spend less. Economise your business using smart POS system data that turns the soil on every patch of your garden centre:

  • Keep an eye on crucial performance metrics using your built-in reporting tools
  • Stay ahead of consumer demand by identifying your best-selling garden products
  • Recognise top-performing employees through staff management features
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Take full control of your business operations

Sync your garden centre's POS systems with 100+ apps from the Epos Now AppStore, simplifying tasks and boosting efficiency.

  • Streamline bookkeeping by exporting financial data to accounting programs.
  • Keep your business visible online and in customers' minds using Mailchimp.
  • Optimise staff schedules efficiently with apps like Deputy.
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Top-notch support team at your service

At Epos Now, you're never on your own. Get round-the-clock assistance, personalised one-on-one onboarding, and unlimited training and coaching for seamless integration and ongoing skill-building.

Customer service support

Frequently asked questions

If you'd like to know anything else about how Epos Now can help your business, reach out to our expert team or read our frequently asked questions.

What are garden centre pos systems?

A garden centre POS system is specialised garden centre pos software and hardware, designed to streamline sales, inventory management, and customer interactions within a garden centre setting. This system caters specifically to the unique needs of garden centres, facilitating transactions, tracking diverse inventory such as plants, gardening tools, and accessories, while managing customer information efficiently.

With features like plant-specific inventory tracking, barcode scanning for various products, and robust reporting capabilities, garden centre POS systems enhance operational efficiency, improve customer service, and offer tailored tools to meet the specific demands of the horticulture retail industry.

What's the best garden centre POS?

The best garden centre POS system is one that meets your business's unique needs. When looking for a good pos system for garden centres, look for features like robust inventory management, tailored tools for plant-specific tracking, intuitive interface, reliable customer support, and seamless integration capabilities.

Epos Now offers a comprehensive solution designed to track sales, manage inventory efficiently, and enhance overall operations within a garden centre environment. Plus, always opt for cloud-based for effortless multi store management. Assessing how well a POS system aligns with your specific requirements will determine the best choice for your garden centre.

What POS integrations should a garden centre use?

For a thriving garden centre, essential POS integrations are vital. Start by integrating with an ecommerce platform to expand sales online and attract a wider customer base.

Pair up with marketing programs like Mailchimp to maintain connections with customers, particularly during peak gardening seasons when more people are seeking garden supplies.

Lastly, syncing your POS with accounting software streamlines financial tracking, saving time typically spent on business management tasks. These integrations are pivotal for a garden centre's competitiveness and efficiency.

The best POS system for your garden centre

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