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How to Serve Food Correctly

From pouring drinks to clearing away finished plates, learn the basics of serving food with this helpful guide.

Published on 23.3.2021

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How Many Members of Staff Do I Need in My Restaurant?

Staff costs are undoubtedly one of the most significant overheads for any restaurant. So, if you want to minimise costs as much a possible, it’s worth asking yourself how many members of staff do I need in your venue?

Published on 22.3.2021

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What Percentage Should Labor Cost Be in a Restaurant?

Paying workers is important, but allocating too much capital to wages can jeopardise your business. Learn how to get your restaurant in a healthy financial position with this guide.

Published on 22.3.2021

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What is a Good Inventory Turnover Ratio for Retail?

Retailers are always looking for ways to increase their bottom line by boosting sales and making savings on overheads. But good inventory management can actually be just as effective in boosting your business’s profitability.  

Published on 22.3.2021

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Welcoming and Greeting Guests in a Restaurant: A How to Guide

It’s often said that first impressions are the last impressions. That’s why it’s vital to make sure that your establishment offers excellent customer service.

Published on 22.3.2021

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Restaurant Competitor Analysis: Template and Examples

Can your new restaurant hold its own against competitors? Learn how to evaluate your competition to maximise your chances of success. 

Published on 19.3.2021

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How to Make Your Hair Salon Stand Out

Owning a hair salon requires much more than styling hair. See how to market and grow your business with these tips.

Published on 16.3.2021

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11 Best Books for Starting a Business

Looking for advice to get your business up and running? Read our list of the best books for new business owners. 

Published on 4.3.2021

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What is EPOS?

Here is your overview of electronic point of sales systems. 

Published on 18.2.2021

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