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restaurant tech 2021

Top Restaurant Tech to Use in 2021

Are you looking for ways to make your restaurant more innovative in 2021? 

Published on 12.1.2021

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How to Grow Your Online Store Organically

Make your store easier to find and sell more products with these tips.

Published on 11.1.2021

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Grants Worth up to £9,000 Now Available for Small Businesses

The Chancellor has announced a £4.6bn support package for retail, hospitality, and leisure businesses.

Published on 5.1.2021

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How Retail Shopping Trends Will Change in 2021

Read over these new trends to get your store ahead of the curve.

Published on 4.1.2021

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5 Innovative Restaurant Advertising Methods for 2021

See how to prepare your business for success in 2021 with these restaurant marketing ideas.

Published on 30.12.2020

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Why Every Restaurant Needs a Mobile Point of Sale Solution

See the benefits of using a handheld point of sale at your restaurant.

Published on 21.12.2020

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How to Rank for “restaurant near me"

Learn how to make sure your business ranks high when web users search for nearby restaurants.

Published on 21.12.2020

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How to Manage Bar Inventory

Keeping track of wet and dry goods can be challenging. See how easy it is to manage bar inventory with the Epos Now system.

Published on 21.12.2020

company announcement   9 December 2020 17

Epos Now Appoints Former Verifone Global VP of Product and Innovation as Chief Product Officer

Epos Now welcomes Nathan Gill to the board as Chief Product Officer.

Published on 17.12.2020

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