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5 Benefits of Integrating Your Accounts With Your EPOS

Austin Chegini
29 Jan 2021

It’s estimated that Irish businesses miss out on €2.2 billion in revenue due to administrative tasks, with accounting taking up the majority of this time. These days, however, you can integrate leading accounting software with your point of sale. Once you install EPOS accounting software, you will have fewer worries and more time to focus on growing your business.

Epos Now integrates with several accounting tools. While each has its own unique aspects, all will make reconciling your accounts quicker and easier than ever. Let's look at a few more benefits of using EPOS accounting software below.

Cost cutting

Do you manage your books on your own? Maybe you hire someone to help with payroll, taxes, and other affairs. Either way, managing this task on your own takes a huge capital or time investment. 

With software, you can automatically account for all activity that occurs on your EPOS. Your terminal will log all transactions, purchase orders, routine expenses, and more. Then, your accounting integration will sort this data into the right category. This saves many hours of labor costs. 

Likewise, hiring a professional can be expensive. If your books are a mess, they will charge more and can miss some savings opportunities. With our EPOS accounting software integrations, you can maximise your savings potential.

Time saving

One of the main reasons small business owners give for outsourcing their accounts is the time it takes. Even if you don't have complicated finances, who has the time to sit down for a few hours and account for everything?

With Epos Now, you can immediately remove hours of tedious and time-consuming admin. End of day figures are automatically synced with your bookkeeping software, so you can spend more time on other tasks or head home early.

Effortlessly organised

Having all your data stored securely online removes the need for bundles of messy paperwork and chaotic spreadsheets. If you have receipts and folders scattered across your office, it makes accounting even more dreadful.

With the latest software, you can quickly snap photos of receipts instead of digging for them at the end of the year. Likewise, you can easily hand email data to your accountant rather than lugging files across town.

Minimise mistakes

With those endless piles of paperwork comes the inevitability of human error, whether it be documents that have gone missing or typos from incorrect data entry. This can be instantly avoided by installing EPOS accounting software that automatically does the calculations for you.


Epos Now and our accounting software partners strive to make doing business easier than ever. With cloud access, you can run your business at any time, on any device, from any location with an internet connection. With 24/7 remote access to all data, you can manage your books while out of town or open additional locations without worrying about clerical issues.

Epos Now Accounting Integrations

When using our point of sale systems, you have access to an extensive app store full of helpful tools. Below are three of our popular accounting apps

  • Sage One: Sage is a top online accounting software ideal for start-ups and small businesses. Over 3 million customers rely on the program for payroll, banking, and synchronizing purchases with your Epos Now system.
  • Xero: Xero is an online accounting program designed specifically for small businesses. The platform handles invoices, bill payment, taxes, reporting, and more.
  • Quickbooks Online: If you want a cloud-based, easily accessible accounting tool, look no further than Quickbooks. Their system helps minimise clutter by digitally tracking receipts and paperwork.

Call Epos Now today to learn more about our EPOS accounting software integrations.