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How To Make Customers Happy

Aine Hendron
24 Jun 2021

Keeping your patrons satisfied is the key to running a successful business. After all, with no customers, there would be no sales! 70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated [1]. Therefore, we know that good customer service is vital in order to keep our clients happy, and to keep business open.

Happy customers will support your business when they have positive experiences engaging with your product and your company as a whole. 

Here are some tips that you can start applying to improve customer happiness today. 

Set the right tone with your attitude

If you treat customers kindly and greet them with a smile, they are sure to have a more positive experience. Speak to customers using warm and friendly language, and mirror this through your facial expression and body language. Setting a relaxed and inviting tone will help customers feel more at ease in your establishment. Host them as you would host guests in your own home. 

Don’t complain!

When customers go out, they expect that the staff will be equally as happy to see them as they are to see you. Even if you are having a casual conversation, always keep it light. You may be tired, but don’t tell the customer that. There are no “It’s been a long day”’s, or “Only two hours to go!”’s in good customer service. Remain cheery, and spin negatives into positives, if possible.

Make it personal 

Employees only ask for the customer's name 21% of the time [2]. Speak to customers using their name, this will show them that you don’t view your interaction as a simple transaction, but a meaningful conversation. 

Avoid using pet-names as a substitute for a customer’s name, unless you are extremely familiar with them. These are not always positively received and can come across and unprofessional, even if you do work in a casual environment. Provided your customers aren’t in a rush, have a brief conversation with them to get to know them a bit more. This will help them feel special, and taken care of.

Remember regulars

Another tip to help customers feel special is to memorise their orders or dietary requirements. If this seems like a lot to handle, some point of sales systems (POS) can connect with software that allows you to create customer profiles which include notes, special details and order history. 

Offer speedy service

Whether a customer is in a rush or not, it’s better to deliver your service or product in a timely manner. Great customer service skills can’t mask an inefficient service, and there are only so many times that you can apologise for a delay or mistake. Streamline tasks throughout the business by using a POS system which connects various departments together. For example, if you manage a restaurant, you’ll want a POS system which connects the ordering tablets and till to the main kitchen screen, so order tickets arrive instantaneously, and nothing is forgotten.

Staff accordingly

Being understaffed isn’t ideal for staff or customers. Bigger workloads can increase wait times and increase staff error rates.

Creating the right balance between having low labour costs and enough staff to fulfil the needs of customers is important. Not staffing adequately will also indicate to customers that the company doesn’t care about it’s employees, which is a poor image to portray. 

Anticipate the needs of customers

Customers like feeling important. If you’re a server, this may mean approaching their table and offering more drinks once you notice their glasses are half-empty. If you work in a retail store, you might want to ask the customer what type of items they usually like, so you can make suggestions and help them find something new to try. 

If you have a POS system, you can check your inventory levels remotely, online. You’ll also see reports which inform you which products are selling well, and are close to running out of stock. Since these reports also identify trends in your sales, you can always be prepared for customers, and have anything they need available. Convenience is key to keeping customers happy. 

Reward your customers

Unless you have a huge budget for food costs, it probably won’t be good for your profits to hand out freebies to every customer. However, going the extra mile every now and then shows patrons that you are grateful for their custom. Organise a loyalty scheme for returning customers, where you are sure to get a return on the cost of a free item or discount. 

A good tip for incentivising customers to return is to offer a discount on their next visit, rather than discounting from their current bill. 

Data shows that repeat customers will spend 67% more after 31 months of their initial transaction. The value of creating happy, loyal customers should not be underestimated. 

Be accessible 

Customers spend 20-40% more money with companies that engage with social media, over companies that don’t [2]. Surveys also show that 60% of customers feel that long holds and wait times are the most frustrating parts of a service experience [3]. 

Being available when customers need to get in touch is vital. Being inaccessible or making it difficult for customers to contact you will indicate that you don’t care about their needs or questions. 

If possible, offer a variety of ways for customers to get in touch. Telephone, email, website and social media pages are good places to start. You may miss a lot of sales if people can’t get in touch!

Simplify the complaints and reviews process

If customers have had a negative interaction with your company, it’s in everybody’s best interest to resolve it quickly. While dealing with upset customers can be uncomfortable, it’s best to face feedback with an open mind - every business has room for improvement. 

If your business has a complicated complaints procedure, customers will probably feel like their opinion doesn’t matter. Nobody wants to feel like a number, and since feeling underappreciated is the number one reason why customers switch services or products, you really want to avoid making this mistake [4]. 

Show how much you care by letting them know that all reviews are welcome - positive or critical. 

Say thank you 

Thank your customers. Like we said, if you have no customers, you have no income, and no business. If someone has made a conscious decision to support your company, make sure to demonstrate that you are thankful. One effortless way to do this is to send ‘Thank you for your custom’ communications. If you integrate your marketing software with your ordering system, these emails/messages will be sent automatically after a customer makes a purchase. This should help customers feel recognised and valued. 

Send personal invitations to sales

You can send any kind of custom message with Epos Now’s POS marketing integration. Link your existing marketing programme with your POS system to send information which is based on the data your POS system pulls in. 

For example, your POS may provide a report that indicates that your trade is slightly slow on a Thursday lunchtime. Create a happy hour every Thursday at 12pm and input this date to your POS. This will automatically reduce the customer price of selected items during happy hours, and will inform customers about this sale through email, SMS or social media. 

Most customers love a bargain, and will be grateful for the opportunity to visit their favourite brands, and get to spend less money. 

Move with the times

All businesses that hope to succeed in the long term should be willing to be flexible and innovative. The needs and desires of customers change over time, and your business should adjust accordingly to meet these demands. Due to the competitive nature of most industries, there are almost always other companies who are willing to do things you aren’t, and offer discounts where you won’t. Most often, customers will select the business which fits their needs best, rather than remain loyal to one brand. If you can provide an excellent service which is willing to accommodate your customers wishes, then you are more likely to make customers feel special and catered to. 

Have an efficient system in place

A good business should be user-friendly. This means that employees should be able to cater to the needs and expectations of customers with ease. Select a POS system which is designed to fit the requirements of your business. Some of the functions our Epos System proves include: 

  • Staffing and labour cost management
  • Detailed reports on sales, transactions, profits and losses
  • Streamlined inventory and stock taking platforms
  • Optional bookkeeping and accounting integrations
  • Marketing software which allows for customisation and personal messages
  • Loyalty programmes and special discounts

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