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The Benefits of Expert Point of Sale (POS) Support

Kadence Edmonds
27 Jan 2021

We all need a little help from time to time, and that’s why opting for one of Epos Now’s award-winning support packages affords you much-needed peace of mind.

Epos Now’s support isn’t just an insurance policy. Rather, it’s a means of improving your overall experience with your POS system. There are numerous benefits of choosing POS support, and with years of experience in the industry, we understand just how vital your point of sale system is to your day to day operations. 

Not only is our support team available around the clock, but we are also there to help you learn more about the functionality of your system, helping you and your staff get more from it. 

Like any tool, your POS system will be more effective if you know exactly how to use it. Our specialist POS consultants offer full training to you and your staff, optimising your experience and streamlining your business. 

As a Gold International Business Award winner for innovation, you can be sure our customer service matches, and our global service team are ready to help you with any issues, training or queries.

At Epos Now we offer two different POS support options so you can select the exact one that best suits your business needs.

Standard support

Operating between 9am-6pm Monday - Friday our Standard support package offers;

  • Support team between -am - 6pm Monday to Friday and 9am - 5pm on Saturday
  • Free software updates
  • 12-month warranty on all hardware
  • Next day hardware replacement*
  • Online backup and financial encryption
  • Telephone-based one to one training and coaching
  • Dedicated account management for corporate accounts
  • Telephone and remote access support
  • Training for you and your staff
  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • Covers the cost of your annual license renewal fee

Premium support

Premium support offers all the benefit standard support, with the additional cover of 24/7 phone access

  • 24/7 access to our dedicated Support Team
  • Free software updates
  • Next day hardware replacement*
  • Online backup and financial encryption
  • Telephone-based one to one training and coaching
  • Dedicated account management for corporate accounts
  • Telephone and remote access support
  • Live chat feature available in the Back office
  • Training for you and your staff
  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • Covers the cost of your annual license renewal fee

Whether you're experiencing issues at 2am on a Friday night close down, or have a question on a Sunday afternoon, our consultants are available to take your call.

Epos Now Care Plan

When purchasing your Epos Now hardware you will be given the option to select the Epos Now Care plan. This care plan gives you complete peace of mind over your hardware and covers accidental breakage for 36 months. So if the unthinkable happens and you are no longer able to trade on your hardware, we can help you out with a replacement. 

Epos Now Care Plan Includes:

  • Up to 2 accidental breakages within 36 months.
  • Capped shipping costs for the replacement device.

Because Epos Now is a cloud-based POS System system updates are automatic, which ensures your system is never out of date. Additionally, because your data is securely stored in the cloud, it is accessible even if your hardware is damaged or stolen. 

Ways to reach the Service team

If you’re looking to get in touch with the service team there are a number of different ways. 


The phone line will always be the best way to reach the team in urgent situations. The phone lines are manned 24/7 by our global POS consultants. 

In your Epos Now back office you will find the correct number to call for your region 

United Kingdom Support: 0808 291 5784

American Support: 1(833) 295-2522

Australian Support: 07 3053 8473 

Canadian Support: 1-844-662-9966

Ireland Support: +353 1 963 8949

New Zealand Support: 09 801 5908

Raise a Support Ticket 

If your request is not as urgent you could look to submit a web ticket request. These can be done in your Epos Now Back Office under the Support Tab. Simply, enter the required details including Name, Customer number, email address, ticket category from the dropdown and enter a description of the issue.  

Guide Me 

If you ever find yourself stuck and need a little help, check out the intuitive in-built Guide Me feature. Guide Me is a searchable database of training guides, and it will take you through getting started, how-to guides, stock control and troubleshooting. 

System Status

If you're experiencing service interruptions the system status page will allow you to check the status of Epos Now. This will let you know if the problem you are experiencing is just a service incident or if the problem could be isolated to your device and will need support assistance. The page also offers an overview of any previous incidents or service interruptions. 

Live Chat 

Another way to reach the team is by using the live chat feature built into your Epos Now Back office support tab or by using the chat on the website. When available, this allows you to link in directly with the service team via a chat box however if the request is urgent, it’s best to try calling first. 

Making Epos Now 

Another beneficial feature to use is the Making Epos Now community forum. Here you can join the discussion & help us build our product.  Come and collaborate directly with our analysts, engineers and product designers to help us make the point of sale solution of the future. Once you join, you will be able to vote and share ideas, ask questions, get sneak peaks into what features are coming and give your opinion plus connect with other businesses.  

To request access simply head to your Epos Now Back Office, select the Support tab and then follow the prompts on the Making Epos Now page.  

Additionally under the Support tab in your Epos Now back office you can use the Order Supplies feature and get help with Printer Setup.  

Get the support you need with Epos Now

Your point of sale system is central to your business’ ongoing success and ensuring that you have the support to back your operations is essential. With Epos Now, you can do all of the following: 

  • Operate with the comfort of having 24/7 round the clock support
  • Connect with 100+ apps to assist with business functions like marketing, customer loyalty, digital receipts, accounting
  • Manage your business from anywhere with 24/7 cloud access

Speak with a consultant to learn more about Epos Now!



Support pricing is a monthly charge based on the number of devices your business has. 

*only available to applicable regions. Please check with team to confirm the availability

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