VoucherCart & Epos Now: A Combination for Omnichannel Success

Written by Aine Hendron

Market Leading Technology

Epos Now are excited to announce that we have partnered with VoucherCart to provide forward-thinking businesses with the best technology available to drive their sales revenue. 

VoucherCart allows businesses to enhance their sales and profits through powerful auto-promotion of eVouchers, gift cards, and tickets. Businesses can sell their products and services in the form of digital vouchers across their website, social media, email campaigns, in-store, and on all other customer-facing platforms to drive revenue growth. 

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What is gift voucher management software?

According to VoucherCart, vouchers, gift cards, and tickets are the single most profitable items your business can sell today. However, only 85% of vouchers sold are redeemed on average. 

This can leave businesses with uncertainty around whether or not selling vouchers is truly profitable. But VoucherCart provides complete assurance by delivering payment to your business in full - and in advance. So, your business will always get paid, whether consumers redeem their vouchers or not.

Unparalleled support

At Epos Now, we give our customers the freedom to customise their point of sale (POS) software to meet their exact business goals. We offer hundreds of integrations with market-leading business automation and efficiency apps for CRM, accounting, sustainability, and day-to-day operations. 

VoucherCart shares this vision. That’s why they offer around-the-clock support for merchants over the phone, via live chat, and email. Once you sign up and create a VoucherCart login, you’ll be connected with a dedicated account manager. 

Your account manager will provide training and guidance around how to create a gift card online, and advise you on the services and products to initially promote to get the ball rolling on your gift voucher sales.

Amazingly, VoucherCart also offers free business consultancy and advice. Like us at Epos Now, VoucherCart wants to ensure that your business is as profitable and successful as possible.

How does VoucherCart work?

VoucherCart allows businesses to set up voucher cards, eVouchers, and reloadable plastic gift cards that can be redeemed at the point of sale.

The buyer experience is optimised for the highest performance possible. All codes, tickets, and eCards are designed to operate responsively on all devices from mobile to tablets, desktops and laptops, in all modern browsers.

With professional, user-focused designs, businesses can create enticing vouchers quickly and easily. Simply select a voucher type and populate it with a name, description, and price. Choose from a selection of premium designs to find a template that showcases your business’s personality.

What are the benefits for businesses?

Selling vouchers and gift cards opens a new revenue stream for your business. VoucherCart automates the promotion of vouchers to connect your online and physical store. 

Attract new customers online by offering discounts and vouchers via your website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and email. Then, entice customers in-person with swipeable gift cards, automated ordering processing, postal delivery, and telephone sales. 

There is no limit to the number of vouchers you can create or sell. VoucherCart encourages new leads, better customer retention, and loyalty through easy-to-use service, tempting offers, and professional display of your goods and services. 

How do VoucherCart and Epos Now work together?

Having an online gift voucher system may seem complicated. However, VoucherCart handles the heavy work by providing the design, simple input fields for populating and tracking, and simple pre-scheduling and auto-publishing of vouchers and gift cards. 

Track, manage and sell gift vouchers directly from one place, your point of sale (POS). Find everything together in an all-in-one dashboard, including the physical and online voucher sales. Each voucher sold has a unique code used to track redemption and ensure the integrity of usage and sale.

Watch the full Epos Now and VoucherCart tutorial here

What our customers think

“The integration between Epos Now and VoucherCart is smooth and simple. Our pack members simply type in the code and take the value of the voucher off the final total. With neat integration from Epos Now into our accounting software, there really is no barrier to smooth processing.”

  • Alex Reily, Sales and Marketing Manager at @pizza

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Go multichannel with Epos Now and VoucherCart

Download the VoucherCart app from the Epos Now App Store to automate your advertising, accelerate your business growth and transform your bottom line. 

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