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What is Point of Sale Software?

Danielle Collard
15 Feb 2022

EPOS (electronic point of sale) is the term for a computerised till which in most cases is the beating heart of its business. Therefore, the software a company’s till runs on can make or break any enterprise. So understanding what EPOS software is and what makes it good is absolutely worth a little extra time. 

So, what is EPOS software?


What is EPOS system software?

EPOS software is basically a very long list of programs designed to complete small tasks, which, combined, can fulfil the needs of every business.

But a distinction needs to be made here between system software and application software.

Application software is all most people using computers need to know about. When you download or use an “app” or computer program, you are installing application software. Everything from Minesweeper to Messenger to Microsoft Excel falls under this bracket. System software is very different and provides the basic tools that application software uses to perform tasks.

System software could be understood as the middle-man between the computer hardware (like the CPU, memory or monitor) and the applications that make computers useful. 


Operating systems

Operating systems are good examples of system software. Android OS is software that provides the basic platform for compatible applications to build on. So EPOS system software is software designed to allow applications to work with the till hardware (the physical computer and extras like your printer) so you can use the till.

The Epos Now application software is often sold with Android OS, but some customers download the program as an app for use on mobile devices, run the program on the internet (which is best done on Google Chrome, but it can be used on others). Programmers work hard to ensure devices work on as many platforms as possible, but when working with different system software, certain parts of applications may not work as intended because of these differences.

The best example of this is if you’ve ever tried to get a printer to work at home. The printer company will usually instruct you to download and install a “driver”, and the printer won’t work until this has been done. A driver is a program that provides the bridge between the application for running the printer and the computer operating system (Windows, Mac, etc). Epos Now devices come ready prepared for POS80 receipt printers to run, but if you try to use that printer somewhere else, it might not work properly because of compatibility issues.


Cloud based-benefits

The great thing about Epos Now’s software is that whatever operating system the device you use it from has, be it your mobile, your home computer, or the countertop till, you can always access your business data. This is because of cloud-based technology. The Epos Now cloud means the vital information about your business is stored on dedicated, secure servers protecting you from any technical issues your device may have.

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A business built brick by brick

Software is a scary term for those not too familiar with computers. It essentially refers to a collection of computer programs all pooled into one application like Microsoft Excel which allows you to perform jobs. So EPOS software is a collection of all the programs you need to run a business.

Given the huge role it plays and the many different needs of businesses, this software is an intricate web of features for completing hundreds of different tasks. However, can be stressful for business owners trying to think of everything they need EPOS software to perform when looking to buy.

When broken down into its components, it's easier to see how EPOS software works. For instance, most employees need to clock in and out of their shifts, so most EPOS systems have a program that manages staff. That program will calculate and record the time staff spend working and multiply the time worked by a preset wage to create the payroll reports on a different page.


What makes good EPOS software?

Given the wide variety of businesses that use EPOS systems, from barbers to nightclubs to scuba-gear stores, the best software will be reliable, secure, and incredibly flexible. This means that the till you process trade through will be working on virus and bug free EPOS software. Your data will be secure from both your own employees (meaning not all users have the same access). You will also have the freedom to set your business up to work in a certain way.


Creating opportunities

While the cloud protects Epos Now customers from any bugs on specific devices, and the staff management feature gives each business a hierarchy and secure access choices. One of the great benefits of an Epos Now membership is the huge number of partnerships and apps that give you the advantage of other specialist programs that you may already be using.

For those looking for a feature but aren’t already invested in another company, there are hundreds of apps to explore, from the in-house loyalty, booking and barcoding programs, to spreadsheet app bulk import. There’s even a cocktail maker app with instructions on how to make drinks.


Working with others

Epos Now integrates with accounting programs like Sage; online ordering programs like Delilveroo; web builders like WordPress; online store platforms like Shopify and loyalty programs like Loyaltydog.

Partnerships, additional programs, and the ability to export and import information are crucial to the effective running of EPOS software. Having every feature built-in to the program would make the screen you stare at all day cluttered, overwhelming, and difficult to understand. Not every business will benefit from cocktail making instructions, but for the right bar, it might help if the subject comes up. So being able to download specialist apps when they’re needed is the perfect solution to a big problem.

The ability to export information to accounting programs, or to spreadsheets for easy viewing is another of the vital features of the software. Ultimately, this, and all of the other features, are about saving time without cutting corners. Good EPOS software is about getting everything done in one place, with all the advantages of the latest technology.


How much does EPOS software cost?

As with most markets, the EPOS industry provides a range of offer. The complete solution comes with hardware and software, payment processing integrations and applications. A more basic packages includes the programs you need to run a successful, modern business.

You can get started on your own device with a basic software package for as little as €29 a month with no need to purchase any extra hardware. 

Epos Now’s world class software can give your business a boost. Providing you with the advantages of:

  • Lightning quick service speed
  • Easy-to-understand, user friendly product and stock management software
  • In depth reporting to tell you where there’s more money to be made
  • Flexible settings so you can choose and implement your own business model
  • 24/7 support to provide the guidance you need when getting off the ground

However, with first rate hardware available at knockout prices, it’s worth taking a look at our retail and hospitality solutions, and our roaming mPOS for making sales on the move!


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