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Enter the growing e-commerce space, reach new customers and expand your business with Shopify.

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Start selling online with Shopify

Smooth data transfer

From making sales in-store or online to receiving purchase orders to performing physical stock-takes, your inventory will always be synced in real-time across your systems.

Auto-integrity checks

Avoid potential online scams and check customer integrity at checkout with Shopify's built-in security tools. 

Simple tax collection

Shopify automatically adds applicable taxes to help keep your business compliant.

The all-in-one ecommerce solution

Shopify is one of the world's largest ecommerce platforms and gives you everything you need to start a website and trade online. Paired with the Epos Now Point of Sale system, you will get easy stock management, powerful sales data and business reports from a centralised location. Products, orders, inventory and customer data sync between the systems quickly, giving you accurate oversight in real-time.

Using the simple set-up wizard, you can connect your Shopify Store with the Epos Now system in 6 steps.  

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Synchronise your physical and online stores

With our Shopify integration, you can cut inventory management in half. You can sync your website based on your EPOS data, or update your EPOS based on your website. 

If you list new products on your online catalogue, your in-store inventory will automatically update. When an item sells in-store, your website will adjust stock levels to prevent shopper confusion. 

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Get detailed insights

Get real-time insight into your store from Shopify's dashboard. From here, you can identify your best-selling products and monitor page performance to see what works. With Epos Now, you can compare your in-store and online performance to create more targetted marketing campaigns.

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Reach new audiences

Expanding your business has never been easier. Opening an online store connects you with the world, allowing you to grow quickly and reach new markets. With Shopify's payment solutions, you can take a wider range of payments quickly and securely.

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Fully online, fully accessible

Shopify and Epos Now both run on the cloud, allowing you to manage your business from any internet-ready device. Whether you have an unexpected closure or long holiday, you can see sales data, manage your accounting and update inventory in real-time from anywhere. 

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Open your online store

With the Shopify and Epos Now partnership, starting an online store has never been easier. 

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