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Take control of your online and offline stores with our Shopify* integration. Start selling quickly and easily with our managed onboarding and keep track of your Shopify activity on your POS system.  

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Sell smarter with Shopify

Syncing simplicity

Built with the customer in mind, Epos Now and Shopify syncs all your sales data, inventory, and online orders automatically, saving you hours of time.

Detailed data

Get real-time insights into your store from Shopify's dashboard. Identify your best-selling products and monitor page performance to see what works.

Accessible anywhere

Thanks to Shopify and Epos Now’s cloud-based systems, you can access your online store from anywhere with an internet connection. 

The all-in-one ecommerce solution

With our Shopify integration, Epos Now customers can take control of their online store with one of the largest eCommerce platforms in the world. 

  • Take your business online and reach a wider customer base 
  • Automatically sync your sales data and inventory across your online and offline stores
  • Have oversight across your entire business with up-to-the-minute sales reports
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How it works


Simply download the app on your Epos Now Back Office, and sign into your Shopify account. Our tools make the process quick and easy. 


Once you’ve been onboarded, your Epos Now system will automatically sync with your Shopify account.


Bring your offline and online stores together, manage products and inventory, and sell to your customers wherever they are.

Enjoy complete synchronicity

When you manage an online and offline business, sometimes with multiple locations, it can be difficult to keep your stores in line with each other. 

Shopify consolidates every aspect of your business and ensures you’re in complete synchronicity across the entire company. 

Your stock levels, sales data, and orders from your stores are automatically updated and synced. This means you know exactly what each store has and needs.

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Get detailed insights into your business

The more insight into your business and your customers, the better positioned you’ll be to succeed. Shopify automatically compiles your sales data into valuable business reports. 

  • Real-time updates means you know exactly what’s selling and what’s not 
  • Monitor individual products and web pages to optimize your offerings 
  • Compare in-store and online performance to create targeted marketing campaigns
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Reach a new online audience

Consumer habits trend more and more towards online shopping. With the Shopify integration, you can quickly and easily set up an online store and reach these new customers. 

Let your customer pay the way they want. The payment options from Shopify and Epos Now allow you to take your customer’s favorite payment methods. 

Plus, you can log into your system and check on your sale from anywhere with an internet connection!

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*Shopify account required