A cafe POS that makes selling smoother

Train new staff in just 15 minutes on a cafe POS system that caters to all your needs. No headaches. No hold-ups. Just simple, effective trading.

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Cafe EPOS System

Cut 10% of wastage and keep your kitchen alert with the Epos Now kitchen display system.

Save your tired staff an average 4,104 steps per day with the Epos Now Pro+ and card terminal.

Turn tables over 20% faster by adding Epos Now Pay at Table.

Cafe EPOS that values speed, simplicity, and savings

Streamlined simplicity

It’s better for everyone when things are kept simple. Our system onboards staff in minutes and manages everything from stock to sales.

Speedy service

In the hospitality industry, speed and accuracy is everything. We give you the tools to keep on top of the rush and serve your customers. 

Repeated business

With simple set-up online ordering and intuitive loyalty programmes, you can reach new customers and ensure that they keep coming back.

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The all-in-one POS system for small cafes

At Epos Now, we provide you with everything you need to run your business efficiently and effectively. In hospitality, it pays to be quick. 

Set-up your system with complementary training and onboard your staff in minutes. Our systems are designed to be as simple as possible

Get better insight into your business with real-time business reports that tells you all you need to know about your staff, overheads, and sales. 

Integrations with 100s of leading apps means you can customise your system to meet the exact needs of your cafe.

WAS £399, NOW £0 upfront*

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Rated Five Stars
Easy to use and employees can be trained in 15 minutes
OP Cafe

Embrace online ordering with Epos Now Order & Pay

Building a personalised online menu and giving your customers flexibility in how they order couldn’t be simpler with Epos Now Order & Pay

  • Customers can browse your menu, order, and pay straight from their phones
  • A simple order system means orders come quickly and with greater accuracy
  • Manage all orders in one place and allow customers to arrange pickup times
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Save hours of admin with the best POS for small cafes

As a working cafe, there are a thousand little admin jobs that take up time. Epos Now POS streamlines processes and gives you more time to concentrate on your clients. 

One-touch ordering means orders can be made in seconds. Your baristas will finally have time to get that latte pour absolutely perfect. 

Sick of spending hours in the back on stock takes? Our cafe system features sophisticated inventory management tools that cuts the job down to minutes. 

Run out of a customer favourite? Automated stock orders will ensure you never run out of what your customers want.

Hospitality Apps US

Customise your cafe POS system with incredible integrations

Epos Now software can take advantage of our suite of leading integrations. Our App store is packed with integrations designed to make your life easier. 

No one gets excited about cafe accountancy. Apps like Xero and Quickbooks make the entire process a breeze. 

Reach your customers wherever they are with a variety of delivery apps. You can bring it in-house with Epos Now Delivery or partner with major platforms including Deliveroo.  

Connect with your regulars with marketing apps and easily set up loyalty programmes.

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Always feel supported

At Epos Now, we’re with you every step of the way. Our team of POS experts are ready and waiting 24/7 to help you with any issues you may have. 

As standard, our team also offers complimentary installation, training, and configuration so you can get the most out of your POS system.


If you have any questions about our Epos Now cafe system, read our FAQ and please don’t hesitate to touch below. 

Why should I use POS system in a cafe?

A cafe needs a POS that can process transactions, track inventory, and create detailed reports. Without it, managing the business will be difficult and time-consuming. A system with accounting integrations can help a cafe calculate profit, run payroll, and simplify taxes. The best POS for a cafe will also show stock levels in real-time, down to the remaining ounces of coffee beans.

What is the best POS for a startup coffee shop?

New coffee shops will want a POS that is affordable enough to handle small transactions but powerful enough to scale up as the business grows. The POS will need to have payment processing integrations, loyalty program apps, and excellent inventory management features. As the coffee shop gets more customers or expands, optional integrations can be added to keep up with the increased business.

Can I use my cafe POS to improve customer loyalty?

With the right cafe point of sale, you can integrate with customer loyalty applications to boost sales. With an app like Loyalzoo, you can create digital customer loyalty cards and offer rewards for repeat spenders. Since these programs track customer buying habits, you can send out custom-tailored marketing offers.

How to integrate my POS system to my mobile app?

A cloud-based POS can be accessed on any device. Some systems, like Epos Now, can also work with mobile apps to help with items like customer loyalty. Also, a handheld device with the POS mobile app can be used to take orders tableside and scan inventory for faster stock control. 

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