Streamline your sandwich-making with the ultimate deli POS system

Spice up your deli business game! Our deli POS serves fresh orders faster than you can say 'hold the mayo!

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Slicing admin hassles

Save up to 10 'sub'-lime hours monthly on business and staff management.

More bite, more bucks

Blend in Loyalzoo integration for an average 13% boost in revenue.

Cut the cord, boost the flow

Slice over 4 hours daily with our wireless barcode scanner upgrade.

Smart solutions for deli businesses

Streamlined checkout

Generate customer barcodes for lightning-fast to-go service.

Accurate inventory

Keep tabs on every ounce of supplies and products, ensuring always-accurate stock updates.

Better customer experience

Integrate your deli POS software with marketing and loyalty schemes so customers feel valued.

A complete deli business solution in one package!

Serve fresh treats in a flash using our deli POS software, engineered to accelerate orders and thrill customers. Packed with all-in-one features for deli owners.

  • Manage your stock like a pro with our robust inventory management tools.
  • Cater to every craving with online ordering options that match diverse tastes and preferences.
  • Expand your deli empire by syncing across multiple locations seamlessly.
  • Track sales in real-time and generate insightful reports at your fingertips.
  • Access your deli's POS system wherever, whenever, via the cloud. All you need is internet connection.

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Expand your deli's reach with a delicious delivery

Looking to tap into new customer horizons?

Epos Now's deli POS software offers a seamless integration with Epos Now Delivery and facilitates setup on leading food ordering platforms like UberEats and Deliveroo.

Join the trend! With 57% of consumers ordering takeaway three times a week, they're eagerly awaiting your deli's leap into delivery services.

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Take stock in minutes with powerful deli POS software

When your deli counter gets busy, you'll want all your focus on your customers. Save time by effortlessly tracking stock levels with Epos Now's inventory management system, tailor-made for small business owners like you.

  • Get live updates on stock and menu items to make quick decisions easily.
  • Automatic low-stock alerts help keep your deli full. Say goodbye to shortages!
  • Add, edit, and monitor stock levels from anywhere with secure, cloud-based data storage.
  • Sync sales with stock for better menu control. Boost your deli's bottom line and reduce wastage.
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Manage your deli like a boss with Epos Now's AppStore

Our suite of leading applications makes managing everything from customer loyalty programmes to accounting easy.

  • Craft your takeaway spot with our user-friendly website builder.
  • Create loyalty programs effortlessly to keep them coming back for more.
  • Seamlessly sync with apps like Xero and Quickbooks for smooth financial management.
  • Partner with big delivery names like Deliveroo and reach more hungry customers.
Conveniance apps

Online ordering made easy with Epos Now Order & Pay!

In a sandwich shop world craving convenience and contactless solutions, not having a streamlined system could mean losing customers who despise long lines and cash hassles. This could dent your sales and revenue. Enter Epos Now Order & Pay, your ticket to a smooth online ordering journey.

  • Craft a branded deli profile on the mobile ordering platform.
  • Go fully contactless with appless table ordering for a safer dining experience.
  • Manage delivery and pickup seamlessly via your Epos Now system.
  • Let customers order at their convenience, picking ideal pickup times.
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Stay stress-free with our 24/7 customer service

With Epos Now, you’ll never feel like you’re going it alone. ​

​We provide 24/7, round-the-clock support for your retail POS systems, as well as one-on-one onboarding and unlimited training and coaching.

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Frequently asked questions

If you'd like to know anything else about how Epos Now we haven't already covered, take a look at our frequently asked questions.

What is a deli pos system?

Deli POS systems are tailor-made software and hardware for delis, streamlining operations like inventory, sales, and customer management. They simplify sales, track stock, and handle customer data, a vital investment for efficiency, speed and growth. Whether starting up or established, a deli POS saves time, boosts efficiency, and enhances customer experiences.

What's the best hardware for your deli?

Essential hardware for a top-notch deli operation includes self-service kiosks, streamlining orders and payments to reduce wait times. Scanners help with accurate inventory tracking, while receipt printers ensure precise order receipts. These tools enhance efficiency, making your deli more seamless and customer-friendly.

What are the best deli POS integrations?

The finest deli POS integrations elevate efficiency and profits. Online ordering, delivery management, loyalty programs, and marketing tools rank among the best. Seamless management across multiple channels enhances personalization, offering insights into customer behaviour. Automating tasks and delivering convenience saves time and money while boosting customer satisfaction for deli owners.

Launch your deli business to new heights with an Epos Now POS solution

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