The sporting goods store POS that helps you win big

The Epos Now sporting goods store point of sale (POS) system ensures you snag the win with fantastic features like advanced inventory and business management tools.


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Simple sales

Our business management tools can save you up to 10 hours a month in admin alone.

Reward loyal customers

Build customer loyalty programs that will keep shoppers coming back season after season.

Easy transactions

Offer faster ways to pay thanks to our partnerships with major payment processors.

The ideal POS option for sporting goods retailers

From sports enthusiasts to local sportsmen and sportswomen,  you’ll find there’s always a need for new equipment. Make sure you're ready with a dedicated sporting goods store POS packed full of competitive features.

  • Get kitted up quickly with free one-on-one onboarding for your new POS system
  • Use sophisticated inventory management tools to track everything down to the ping pong balls
  • Running a franchise? Seamlessly integrate additional systems and manage multiple stores
  • With our cloud-based operating system, you can log into your business from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Access data in real-time to easily keep an eye on profit, products, employees shifts and more!

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First place features

Running a sporting goods business takes all the tactical acumen of a sports coach on the field. Our sporting goods POS system is like having a star player on your team.

It can be easy to be overwhelmed when you manage inventory. With advanced inventory management tools, you can stay on top of every product and even manage a stock transfer between store locations.

We also maintain a suite of software for sporting goods stores that can help you with everything from accountancy to online sales.

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Keep an eye on your financial fitness

In a sports store, your profit margins can vary depending on what sports season is starting up and which ones are finishing. With automated business reports, you can make informed financial decisions.

  • As you trade, your POS system automatically catalogues all your store sales and customer data
  • This data is then converted into easy-to-read but in-depth business reports
  • With these reports, you have all the information you need to maximise your profits and be a success
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Become a local fixture

Sporting goods retailers are uniquely positioned to become an integral part of their community because they can serve the sporting needs of entire families for years.

You can encourage this sort of repeat business with our easy-to-implement loyalty programmes that reward your customers for shopping with you.

These programmes can be configured to offer special promotional pricing and exclusive offers that your customers will love.

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Excellent support when you need it

Our aim is never to miss a goal when it comes to customer service. Should you ever need us, our expert support team is ready and waiting to help you.

  • Our team is extensively trained in our systems, so they'll be able to assist you with any problem you may have.
  • With our premium package, you can talk to a human 24/7 or reach our team via phone, email, or live chat between 9am-6pm GMT
  • We maintain an in-house team so you'll never have to deal with a third-party
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Frequently asked questions

With Epos Now, it's always a victory for the home team. If you have any questions about our service, get in touch with our team or read our frequently asked questions.

What is a sporting goods store POS solution?

POS stands for point of sale. An sporting goods store POS system is a specialised computer that has been built with the fitness and sports industry in mind. They can streamline business processes, automate admin, improve customer services, and more!

Our POS systems also allow business owners to customise their systems with integrations and POS hardware. We have accounting apps, marketing tools, and business reports, as well as different accessories that fulfill business niches - these accessories can include tills, scanners, and printers. 

In essence, POS software and hardware combine to create a system that helps businesses streamline their processes and manage their day-to-day operations more efficiently. 

What key features does Epos Now’s sporting goods store POS have?

Every business has its own unique set of needs. This means that a good POS system needs to cover a wide range of functions. We offer a number of different features that can help sporting goods businesses reach their full potential, including:

  • Inventory management
  • Real-time sales and data analytics that track your store's performance (with customisable dashboards)
  • Powerful POS software with cloud technology to give you remote management
  • Customisability with your favourite apps, including accounting software
  • Integrations with major payment processing services selling
  • Much, much more!
What is the best POS system for the retail and sports industry?

Every store is different - so what you need in a POS system will be unique to your sporting goods store.

At its core, you may want to look at a POS system’s capabilities on inventory management, check how your business and customer data will remain secure, and how quick and easy the POS system is to set up for your store.

Look out for advanced features such as app integrations, customer management, and loyalty programmes. 

These features will help you find a sporting goods store POS system that ensures an efficient experience for your customers, keeps them coming back, and helps you assist shoppers to maximise sales!

Is cloud-based POS software secure?

We take the security of our customers very seriously. To prevent theft or damage, all customer data is stored off-site in secure servers. We also use encryption technology to ensure our systems can't be breached, but still give you, the business owner, complete access to your data.

Be the best you can be with an Epos Now POS system

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