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“Would I recommend Epos Now? 100%. I talk about it, and I think there’s about another five in the town that have taken the system!”

Tom Twigger
Pets Paradise' Owner, Fakenham, Norfolk
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Build a better business with cloud-based POS

Our cloud-based point of sale (POS) system has everything you need to run a thriving, successful business, including hardware, access to 100+ integrations, and easy setup. Experience a fuss-free, affordable POS solution.

WAS €899, NOW FROM €399*

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Why are apps one of our strengths?

Customisability is the name of the game with Epos Now. Our Epos Now AppStore features hundreds of accountancy, team management, and online integrations that let you build the POS solution you want.

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What improvements have we made to payment processing?

Epos Now Payments turns payment processing on its head. We keep it clear and simple. Process transactions quickly and get charged one clear, flat rate for all payment forms, including credit and debit cards.

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How does our support team help you?

You are our number one priority. Our expert team of support agents will assist you with any aspect of our hospitality or retail POS systems, including POS hardware, integrations, and payments, with support packages available to suit your needs.

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"It's an excellent system, and it's easy to use."

,,For me, using the Epos Now Back Office, it’s like a breeze. It saves us an awful lot of time managing products. It's an excellent system, and it's easy to use."

- Lee Forshaw, WA Pubs, Lancashire UK 

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Simple, reliable hardware

Every piece of our hardware works in perfect harmony with each other. Take control of your POS system with our robust, reliable hardware.

The Complete solution

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Handheld systems

Complete payments flexibility

Custom prices available


For both retail and hospitality

Various prices available 

Embrace the power of POS

Leverage actionable insights

Use smart insights and reports to reduce costs, save time, and boost profits.

Manage your business anywhere

Make quick, instant changes to your business from any device with an internet connection.

Reach customers where they are

Get more sales when you sell online with remote ordering, collection, website integration and delivery. 

Have questions about POS system?

Wondering how the perfect POS works or how exactly can Epos Now help your business thrive? We have all the answers to your questions!  Read the FAQs, visit the support centre or request a callback.

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What is a EPOS system?

Let’s start with the terminology. EPOS for ‘Electronic point of sale’ (also known as POS - ‘point of sale’) - is an electronic system, used by hospitality, service, and retail businesses, at the time and place when a transaction is completed and a customer pays a merchant in exchange for goods or services.

A POS system is a combination of hardware, such as a countertop terminal or cash register, receipt printers, barcode scanners, and POS software designed to help you run your business more effectively - including recording those POS transactions! 

Where traditional cash register systems only accept cash payments, POS systems not only record the transactional information but can generate detailed POS reports using your sales, product, and customer data

Cloud-based POS  can sync together to seamlessly tally data between multiple systems and store data on your inventory management, staff, sales, and more - which you can access from anywhere, at any time, with an internet-enabled device. 

Epos Now POS terminals can also integrate with our numerous apps, integrations, and accessories, giving you even more options to customize your POS into the tool your business needs.

How much does a POS system cost?

Each provider will have different setup fees and prices for  POS systems. Some companies take a cut from every transaction, while others require you to pay an upfront fee.

You could also pay a monthly fee for the POS system, apps, integrations, accessories, or other add-ons. However, all POS providers should explain their pricing options and will help you find a plan that suits your business.

Whether you choose a mobile POS system or one of our countertop options, Epos Now systems are designed to be as affordable as possible for SMEs. We believe that hospitality and retail businesses should have access to the best in POS software and POS hardware, no matter their size.

Plus, if your hospitality, service, or retail business grows - your Epos Now POS solution can scale with you to keep it simple.

How to set up a POS system?

Unlike other POS vendors, we have paid extra attention to ensuring that our Epos Now POS systems are easy to use and set up. 

Our POS hardware comes with easy-to-read guides on how to set up your device and accessories.

For training on our POS software, as soon as you sign your contract, you'll be assigned a dedicated implementation manager who will walk you through our setup process with one-on-one onboarding.

Your implementation manager will make sure you understand your new system, all of its POS features, and how you can best use it to your advantage.

Our support plans also mean you’re not left after onboarding! Contact us at any time to arrange additional training, such as teaching your staff how to use your new Epos Now POS system or integrating an app. You can also always use our Live Chat or Support Centre for quick “how to” guides.

What is the best POS system?

Every small business has its own unique needs. Therefore, the best POS system for one business may be a point-of-sale system entirely unsuited to another. Epos Now is proud to offer a variety of countertop and mobile POS systems that can revolutionise your entire business.

If you operate a retail store, you'll be best served by a retail POS solution that can quickly process transactions and track a large inventory down to your last piece of stock

Hospitality businesses need a POS system that can facilitate smooth service between the front and back of house (such as integrating with a kitchen display system), handle customer relationship management (including creating customer loyalty schemes), and an easily adaptable inventory management system.

We pride ourselves on the customisability of our POS hardware and software. With Epos Now, you'll be able to build a cloud-based POS system that meets the exact needs of your business.

How does a point of sale system improve customer experience in a retail or hospitality business?

A POS system makes every interaction smoother, quicker, and more personalised. Here are just a few ways a reliable POS system can improve your customer experience:

Efficient transactions and flexible payment options

Firstly, it speeds up your transactions. A reliable POS system allows your customers to pay using a variety of methods, including cash, credit, and debit cards, and mobile payments such as Google Pay and Apple Pay. This flexibility ensures that the payment process is convenient for every customer, reducing wait times and improving overall satisfaction.

Accurate orders and data insights

A POS system automatically tracks inventory levels and sales data, enabling your business to keep accurate stock levels and reduce the likelihood of errors in orders.

A hospitality POS can seamlessly connect the front of the house with the kitchen through integrated order management features, ensuring orders are accurate and served promptly.

For retail POS solutions, inventory management features mean popular items are well-stocked, reducing the chance of customer disappointment.

At Epos Now, we’re proud that our reporting and data insights are some of the best features of our POS systems, where you can get valuable data analytics on sales trends, inventory performance, and more. 

Multi-channel syncing

Not only are your orders accurate using a POS system, but your POS can integrate your sales and inventory data across multiple channels. Give your customers to power to shop online or in-store seamlessly, while staying on top of stock and bookings.

Personalised services

We know offering personalised offers and rewards can help make customers feel more valued, and therefore keep them coming back to your store. Your POS system can help with this by storing customer preferences and purchase history. This enables you to offer personalised recommendations and promotions to your customers, making a better shopping experience and building customer loyalty.