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How to Make a Cash Flow Statement

Many small business owners dread dealing with the financial side of the business as it can often feel intimidating to work on things like cash flow statements.

Published on 15.7.2021

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What is ATV in Retail?

If you own a small business, you’ve more than likely heard the acronym “atv” thrown around. But what does it mean, why does it matter, and how can you improve it?

Published on 15.7.2021

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5 Reasons Why is Branding Important for Your Business

The world's biggest companies leverage their brands to great effect. here's why branding is so important to your business. 

Published on 14.7.2021

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The Best New Businesses with High Profit Margins

Some people need a high rate of return when they start a business. Here are some great new businesses with high profit margins.

Published on 13.7.2021

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What is Omnichannel In Retail?

Omnichannel commerce is when merchants provide multiple platform options for customers, each focused on delivering a consistent brand and shopping experience.

Published on 13.7.2021

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How To Improve Customer Service

Make actionable changes that improve customer satisfaction and retention. This guide outlines four strategies designed to improve customer service in business.

Published on 13.7.2021


Which Brand Personality Archetype Does Your Business Fit?

Your business’s personality is formed through your brand values, communication style, and approach to customer service. 

There are 12 common brand personality archetypes. Understanding these archetypes will help you understand where your brand fits in the market. 

Published on 9.7.2021

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How to Reduce Employee Turnover

Having a high employee turnover rate can cost you lots of money. Here's how to reduce employee turnover so you can keep your business operating smoothly.

Published on 7.7.2021

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Four Business Competition Strategies for 2021

If a company attempts to pursue multiple marketing strategies at once, it is likely to end up stuck in the middle, offering average products for average prices. We define four key competitive strategies used by industry leaders that include approaches to marketing, branding, and pricing. 

Published on 5.7.2021

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