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How Do Small Business Loans Work?

Everything you need to know about how small business loans work, eligibility criteria, pros and cons of loans, and things to look for in lenders. 

Published on 2.7.2021

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How to Price Clothing

Are you wondering how to price the clothing for your retail outlet? We tell you everything you need to know, from pricing methods to understanding your costs.

Published on 1.7.2021

hotel brand

Get Comfortable with Hotel Branding

Creating effective branding can transform the entire aesthetic of your hotel and help you reach a new volume of customers. Your branding decisions will hugely impact your hotel’s reputation. Its importance shouldn’t be underestimated.

Published on 1.7.2021

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How to Calculate Employee Turnover

People change jobs all the time, but how often are people in your company jumping ship? Learning how to calculate your employee turnover could provide insight into how you're doing as a business.  

Published on 1.7.2021

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Liquor Store Profit Margins

If you're opening a liquor store, you need to know about profit margins. Find out everything you need to know in this guide, from cost per unit to typical liquor store profit margins.

Published on 1.7.2021

cash flow

9 Proven Ways to Improve Cash Flow

Nine proven ways to improve cash flow in your business. Increase profits, reduce costs, and streamline operations by implementing these strategies.

Published on 1.7.2021

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How to Market a Small Business On a Budget

Standing out from the crowd can be tough when you're a small business. Use these techniques to help market your small business to the world. 

Published on 1.7.2021

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How to Categorise Expenses for Small Business

Managing your finances is incredibly important, especially for small business owners. Learn how to categorize expenses for your business with this quick guide. 

Published on 30.6.2021


Markup vs Margin - Which Should You Use?

Every company will base its prices on either markup or margin percentage. These terms are often used interchangeably; however, they each carry their own implications for business. So, which pricing structure should you choose?

Published on 30.6.2021

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