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Clouds and Balloons

Benefits of Cloud POS

Cloud technology has influenced many industries. Businesses everywhere have been flooding to cloud-based EPOS providers. But why? What are the benefits of cloud POS?

Published on 6.4.2022

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5 Easter Promotion Ideas For Restaurants

Looking for interesting ways to promote your business over the Easter holiday? We have you covered.

Published on 5.4.2022

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How to Reduce Waiting Time in Restaurants

In any eatery, you should be waiting on your customers, not the other way around. Read our top tips on how to reduce waiting time in restaurants.

Published on 1.4.2022

restaurant tech 2021

New Restaurant Technologies for 2022

Keep your restaurant ahead of the pack in 2022 with the latest in hospitality technology. 

Published on 1.4.2022

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How to Install a POS Machine

If you work in retail or hospitality, we're positive you've had to use a POS machine at some point, but what about installing one? 

Published on 1.4.2022

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How to Manage Inventory in a Retail Store

Is your inventory becoming maddening to manage? Read our most successful methods for managing inventory in a retail store. 

Published on 1.4.2022

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7 Creative Marketing Ideas for Easter 2022

Take advantage of these 7 Easter promo ideas that are sure to encourage customer satisfaction and secure your return on investment.

Published on 31.3.2022

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How to Analyse Your EPOS Data

One of the biggest advantages of an EPOS system is the informative reports they generate on sales. But so many businesses struggle to take advantage.

Published on 31.3.2022

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How to Create a Restaurant Cash Flow Statement

Composing a cash flow statement can be difficult to begin with, but with EPOS advantages the information is close at hand and just needs to be copied out correctly.

Published on 30.3.2022

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