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What Kind of Business is a Restaurant?

There's enough to worry about when opening a restaurant without having a good business structure in place. This blog will help you make an informed choice.

Published on 18.11.2021

bar etiquette

The Ultimate Bar Etiquette Guide for Bartenders

Here are 9 ways you can improve your bar etiquette that'll keep guests coming back for more.

Published on 23.9.2021


10 Important Restaurant Manager Duties

Restaurant managers are tasked with an overview and insight into basically every aspect of the restaurant. From the various roles, procedures, and business goals, junior employees and senior managers rely on managers for support. We take a look at some common restaurant manager duties.

Published on 17.8.2021


How to Create a Memorable Hospitality Experience in 4 Steps

Become your guests’ new favourite hotspot by creating a memorable hospitality experience following these 4 simple steps.

Published on 13.8.2021

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Tip Jar Ideas, Laws and Best Practices

The basics on how to create a successful tip jar, creative tip jar ideas, and some of the laws and general guidelines for receiving tips and gratuities around the globe.

Published on 11.8.2021

restaurant goals

Long and Short Term Restaurants Goals

We look in detail at three common restaurant goals: increase profit and revenue, improve employee performance, and achieve effective business growth.

Published on 6.8.2021

commercial kitchen

What is a Commercial Kitchen?

Your kitchen should take up around 40% of your overall restaurant floorplan. It’s the hub from where all customer orders are prepared and distributed, so it’s important to optimize this area to be as efficient as possible. 

We explore the functions, typical equipment, and layout of a top-class commercial kitchen.

Published on 4.8.2021

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How To Improve Customer Service

Make actionable changes that improve customer satisfaction and retention. This guide outlines four strategies designed to improve customer service in business.

Published on 13.7.2021

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The Best Names for Restaurants: 11 Great Examples

Are you opening a restaurant and stuck on what to call it? Here 11 great examples of the best names for restaurants to get you inspired. 

Published on 30.6.2021

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