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Why Every Restaurant Needs a Mobile Point of Sale Solution

Kadence Edmonds
7 Jan 2021

If you’re running a restaurant in 2020, it’s likely you’ll be using a modern point of sale system. Contemporary POS Systems have the ability to improve customer retention, protect customer data and, most importantly, drive sales. But what if you’re looking for ways to speed up service, and help staff to become more efficient? And what if you don’t want to spend an arm and leg on POS hardware? This is where equipping your venue with a Mobile POS system (mPOS) can change the game. 

This non-disruptive little player is exactly that. A completely mobile touchpoint that gives your staff the ability to take orders from anywhere within the venue.  

What is a mobile POS system? 

A mobile POS is a point of sale system that can run on a small device like a smartphone or tablet that can act as a register on the go. What truly sets a mobile POS apart from a stationary POS system is the portability of the hardware. POS systems usually have a terminal, cash drawer, and receipt printer that sits in a fixed location within your restaurant. But an mPOS is a portable device that utilizes your venue’s network to communicate with your other POS peripherals such as printers or kitchen display screens.  

The best POS systems will be those that have the ability to offer both a fixed hardware option and a mobile solution.  


The sheer mobility and versatility of a mobile POS system can change the way your staff interacts with customers. For starters, staff can take the orders directly at the table, keeping them more engaged with customers, meaning less chance of mistakes being made.

Another benefit of being mobile is the speed of service. While this isn’t always a goal for every business, it can help to turn tables over faster, which can help increase revenue. The added speed comes from the fact that servers aren’t required to run back and forth from the tables to the POS, entering the orders. Additionally, a drastic improvement in your venue's workflow could also lead to a reduction in labor costs due to increased staff efficiency.   


Notwithstanding the mobility advantages, a standout reason to invest in a mobile POS solution is the cost factor. Adding full POS terminals as additional touchpoints within your venue can cost a fortune. The costs could include the full hardware set up, applicable license, additional networking requirements, and possibly even a shop fit-out to make room for the terminal.  

However, with a simple licensing addition you can be up and running with a handheld mobile POS. A good POS System will allow you to run the software on any device so you can select the tablet size that suits your venue and needs the most. Larger tablets can be added as stationary touchpoints in your venue, somewhere a large terminal wouldn't fit. Smaller systems can be used as handheld ordering devices by servers and staff.

Ease of use

Alongside the practicality, the sleek look of tablets, and the enhanced productivity, another beneficial factor is the ease of use. The mobile solution runs on a platform that is familiar to most staff members, and the POS software itself will require a minimal learning curve as it will mirror what the staff member is used to using at the stationary POS.  

Inventory management

A mobile POS solution will be able to do much more than just ring up sales.  It can track and manage inventory, send alerts when stock is low, and even be used to reorder stock.  Using a mobile POS will allow your staff to check any given product's stock levels and complete stocktakes in a more timely manner. 

Never miss an opportunity to Upsell

“Do you want fries with that?” It’s a classic.

Up-selling to your customers is a great way to boost your business’ revenue. Of course, even without a tablet ordering system, your staff could always try and get your customers to purchase suitable additions to their meals. But some may just forget to ask. Having a mobile POS solution in the hands of your servers can remedy this.  

In the software, you can set up automatic prompts on particular items. This will make sure your staff is always reminded to ask the customer if they want to upsize. From things like on large coffee’s the option of adding an extra shot, to adding halloumi on a simple smashed avocado breakfast.  Adding bacon on a classic Cheeseburger, to meal deal options that may be available for a limited time.

Epos Now Pro range 

Set up a mobile POS with the Epos Now Pro range

With a device from the Epos Now Pro range, you have the advantage of a completely mobile ordering device that works in perfect sync with your existing Epos Now terminal. With a Pro range device, your staff doesn’t need to learn a whole new system because it’s the exact same, easy to use interface as your existing till. 

Eliminate mistakes but having your staff take the order right where your customer is. Whether inside, outside, or curb-side all orders will be fired straight to the kitchen.  

Run your Restaurant efficiently with Epos Now and the Pro range

Your point of sale system is crucial to your restaurant business.  With the Epos Now POS system, you can:

  • Set up a mobile POS solution with a Pro range device
  • Run the system on virtually any device, from Mac to Windows, iOS and Android. 
  • Connect with 100+ apps to help with items like marketing, customer loyalty, and accounting
  • Manage your store from anywhere with 24/7 cloud access

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