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Is Your POS an Asset or a Liability?

14 Oct 2020

Is your point of sale system working with you or against you? Ask yourself these questions to find out. 

The most dangerous phrase a business owner can utter is, “We’ve always done it that way.”

In the world of point of sale, this phrase is more common than you may think. People get comfortable with how they conduct business and take payments, but as with anything: comfort stunts growth.

The Future of POS is Now

Cloud POS and mobile payments have shaken up the retail and hospitality industries in recent years, and merchants and restaurateurs are reaping the benefits of stepping outside of their comfort zone.

Is your point of sale system outdated and cumbersome? When was the last time you upgraded it? While we’re asking these questions, here are some other questions you should be asking yourself about your POS:

Is my POS easy to use?

Point of sale providers sometimes spend so much time and effort making a system able to go above and beyond pulling reports, tracking inventory, and providing in-depth insights to customer data––that they forget the main purpose of the hardware and software: processing sales.

Whist all the features above are essential, the last thing they should be is complicated. Your POS should be so intuitive that new employees can immediately start using it to process sales. And you should never have to fumble in your back office to view product sales, inventory, and customer data in order to pull the reports you need to make strategic decisions for your business.

Does my POS provide a stellar customer experience?

People don’t like to wait. If your POS software is clunky and out of date, chances are it’s affecting the service you provide to your customers. With sleek, intuitive software and cloud POS capabilities, you never have to live through the embarrassment of dealing with a faulty or failing piece of junk when all your customer wants to do is buy something and leave.

Can I access my POS information anywhere?

Promotional and analytical tools to help you increase customer satisfaction, increase business intelligence, and improve your bottom line.

The problem with legacy systems and even newer POS solutions with lackluster software is that they are stuck in the past.

The vast majority of those who’ve worked in retail have referred to their POS as a POS––but the 'S' stands for something different.

Does my point of sale give me freedom?

Is your POS holding you back or giving you freedom? Does it allow you to work how, when, and where you want? Does it allow you to work with vendors and companies you know and trust?

Above all, make sure your point of sale provider gives you the freedom to choose. The best POS systems are: hardware agnostic, platform-agnostic, and payment gateway agnostic. With these, you can curate your point of sale system to work best for you and your business.

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