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What is a Merchant Acquirer?

Merchant acquirers, sometimes known as acquiring banks, are part of the payment process that occurs when a customer pays using card. They collect and process card payments on behalf of retailers.

Published on 6.10.2021


The Best Small Business Software for 2021

Here is our breakdown of the most useful, affordable, and effective small business software for 2021. Software for taking bookings, e-commerce, marketing, accounting and bookkeeping, and point of sale.

Published on 18.8.2021


10 Different Types Of Mobile Payments

Learn more about the 10 most popular mobile payment types: what they are, how to set them up, and how secure they are.

Published on 3.8.2021

Square Alternatives 1 v4

Top 5 Square Alternatives & Competitors Review

We compare Square to 5 market-leading competitors: Toast, Tevalis, Clover, Lightspeed, and Epos Now. View the pros and cons of each point of sale system to determine which is best for your business.

Published on 30.7.2021

epos now vs square

Epos Now vs. Square

Epos Now and Square are two leading POS system providers. These companies both offer hardware and software designed to help businesses run more efficiently, but which is best?

We compare Epos Now vs. Square to help you find the right system for your business.

Published on 22.7.2021

payment v3

How Much Does a POS System Cost?

When pricing a POS system there are a number of factors you should take into account. This article covers the cost of POS, and the 'hidden charges' you should consider before picking the software which is right for you. 

Published on 17.6.2021

nafinia putra Kwdp 0pok I unsplash v2

Are Coffee Shops Profitable?

Are you considering opening a coffee shop? We share the seven key things you need to know, from price of materials, understanding coffee culture, to choosing a store type.

Published on 9.6.2021

epos now vs lightspeed

Epos Now vs. Lightspeed

Read our comparison of Epos Now vs. Lightspeed to see which POS system is best for your business.

Published on 13.5.2021

age barros zZK00jOlD7Q unsplash

What Are the Types of Cash Registers?

Learn the history of the cash register and see what modern devices are available today.

Published on 2.3.2021

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