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7 Menu Changes to Make In Your Restaurant in 2021

When was the last time you revamped your menu? Prepare for the year ahead by catering to these new dining trends. 

Published on 10.2.2021

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How to write a Restaurant Business Plan

The leap into restaurant ownership will be filled with many challenges. Although itโ€™s unlikely that everything will go to plan, having a well-researched and strategic business plan will go a long way towards minimising risk.

Published on 20.1.2021

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How to Make Your Restaurant More Sustainable in 2021

Sustainability is undoubtedly one of the biggest trends in the hospitality industry. Consumers want to know if the product they are eating is responsibly-sourced - and if the restaurant is minimising environmental damages.  

Published on 19.1.2021

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How to Create a Takeout and Delivery Menu

Your restaurant menu can hinder sales. Follow this guide to streamline the ordering process.

Published on 18.1.2021

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Top tips for upselling in Restaurants

No matter how well your venue is performing, there are always opportunities to make more money. The most effective way to achieve this in a restaurant is simply to upsell to your customers.

Published on 14.1.2021

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Top Restaurant Tech to use in 2021

Are you looking for more ways to make your restaurant more innovative in 2021? 

Published on 12.1.2021

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Is Your Restaurant Using Too Many Food Delivery Apps?

Restaurants across the country are relying on food delivery apps to stay in business, but could using too many apps cut into your profits?

Published on 30.12.2021

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5 Innovative Restaurant Advertising Methods for 2021

See how to prepare your business for success in 2021 with these restaurant marketing ideas.

Published on 30.12.2021

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Can Restaurants Raise Prices for Food Delivery?

Food delivery apps charge fees that cut into profits. See if you are allowed to raise prices to offset these costs.

Published on 16.12.2020

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