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Automate your admin tasks so you have time to focus on your business.

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Why choose Epos Now and Tanda?

Employee onboarding

New hires can hit the ground running with a digital onboarding process that’s easy, secure and hassle-free. 

Rostering and attendance

With powerful customisation, see the big picture and make more accurate, data-driven decisions.

Award compliance

Complete payroll faster with accurate and automated award calculations and save time.

Unlock your workforce's potential with Tanda

Tanda helps you manage and pay your staff for the time they work - quickly and compliantly.

Create and template fully costed rosters for your business and eliminate costly payroll admin. Staff are notified of their shifts with the click of a button via email, SMS and mobile app to make shifts seamless.

Integrate Tanda and Epos Now to combine sales data with your workforce data. Tanda allows you to build rosters and schedules around your sales, so you can accurately measure key staffing metrics such as wage percentage of revenue or SPLH.

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Heightened efficiency

Seamlessly link your Epos Now Back Office with Tanda’s workforce management tool to automate your admin tasks so you have time to focus on your business instead of spending countless hours on rosters and payroll.

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Everything in one place

Predict staff counts, send shift updates via the Tanda Mobile App, automate timesheets, and send sales data directly to your Tanda platform.

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Join 1,000s of other businesses

Tanda is the #1 platform for onboarding employees, creating rosters, and tracking attendance. Don't take our word for it - 5,000 other businesses can attest to how Tanda changed how they work. 

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Go far with great data integration

Import your sales data to your Epos Now system to create daily, weekly, and monthly calendars. Automate your scheduling and staff pay.

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Get loads more benefits

Tanda provides its users with many other benefits, including:

  • Photo-verified clock-ins: Workers are able to clock in using time-stamped photo verification. Alerts are sent to you when clock-ins differ from rostered hours
  • Easy shift-swapping: Easily swap shifts between employees base don scheduling, cost, qualifications, and more
  • Great integrations: Integrate with other popular apps like Xero, Mailchimp, and Quickbooks
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