The best POS system for bakeries

Sieve through your business data and bake the next batch better with Epos Now’s advanced stock-control system, speedy checkout software, and real-time reports.

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Cut wastage

Cut wastage by 60% in your kitchen with the Epos Now kitchen display system.

Faster sales

From dough to Danish, the Epos Now Pro+ and card terminal saves staff 4,104 steps every day.

Save time

Export your sales data with the Quickbooks app, saving an average of 8 hours of work per month.

The best POS system for any baking business

Epos Now’s state-of-the-art bakery POS software works to provide everything you need to boost customer retention, increase efficiency, and maximize profit-making. Our solution is the best bakery POS system on the market for any business. 

From compiling branded bakery loyalty schemes​ and accessing detailed sales reports to getting real-time reporting on customers, best-performing products,​ and more, our complete POS system has everything you need to manage your hospitality business with ease.

WAS $1099, NOW FROM $349*

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The bakery POS that boosts speed, efficiency and service

Sales software to speed up your bakery

Create custom barcodes and accept all payment methods to make helping serve-to-go customers faster

Precise inventory management

Track all supplies and products down to the ounce, so you know what you have in stock at all times.

Improve customer experience

Integrate your bakery POS with marketing and loyalty schemes to make customers feel valued.

Decorate your POS system with award-winning accessories

Whether you specialize in school bake sales or banquet pieces, not having a bakery POS system can cause your business to sink. At Epos Now, we provide a solution that will meet your bakery's needs, regardless of your store’s size.

While the best POS for bakery consists of a touch screen POS terminal, cash drawer, and printer (all included with Epos Now’s Complete Solution), our wide range of award-winning hardware accessories is the icing on the cake. 

From debit/credit card readers to customer-facing displays, Epos Now’s integrative add-ons allow you to shape our solution to the specific needs of your large or small business. 

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Prove payment flexibility with Epos Now Payments

Epos Now Payments offers full payment flexibility for your bakery. Accept all payment methods at one fixed rate to improve customer service and grow your business.

Take payments from every major credit and debit card provider to give your customers a wide range of options. Then, view consolidated payment reports for a complete financial overview.

Looking to attract cash-paying customers? Epos Now Payments lets you give them a direct discount.

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Keep customers sweet with uncomplicated customer relationship management

Whether you serve takeaway bakes or only have a dine-in seating area, your bakery needs repeat custom to stay afloat. With Epos Now’s POS system for baking businesses, you can easily encourage brand loyalty with a range of CRM features. 

From creating in-depth customer profiles and tracking buying habits to building unique loyalty schemes and sending time-specific marketing messages, Epos Now’s complete solution provides the tools your business needs to keep customers coming back.

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Rise above the competition with detailed reports

With Epos Now, your POS system syncs analytics from every aspect of your bakery and creates comprehensive reports to give a clear picture of your business. Our bakery POS system optimizes your operations with a range of tailored tools.

From following product performance and tracking personalized goals with custom dashboards, to omnichannel inventory management and employee evaluation, Epos Now’s Complete Solution provides everything you need to stay on top of business.

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Mix business management up with the AppStore

Take advantage of over 100 business app integrations through the Epos Now AppStore

Whether you want to integrate with accounting software like QuickBooks and Xero, send automated email marketing campaigns with Mailchimp, or build web pages to sell through Shopify, you can combine your bakery point of sale with dozens of third-party programs to maximize your business’s potential.

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Frequently asked questions

If you'd like to know anything else about how Epos Now we haven't already covered, take a look at our frequently asked questions.

Why should you use an POS system in a bakery?

The POS System best for you really depends on the needs of your business. Our POS for bakeries has:

  • Robust inventory management allowing you to easily add and update products
  • Easy-to-use sales software
  • Multiple sales channels to help you reach more customers
  • Tools to help you manage your staff to help with training, data security, and to simplify the system
  • An AppStore to help you adapt your POS to meet your needs
  • Much, much more!
Is cloud based POS software secure?

Our Epos Now cloud-based retail POS software stores all of your, and your customers’, data securely in the cloud.

With off-site data-storage, your business is safe in the event of your hardware being damaged. With 2-factor authentication and staff access restrictions, your login information is also given all the latest security, while making it easy for you to run your business on-site and off.

What are the best integrations for bakeries?

Your bakery could benefit from the following kinds of apps:

  • Loyalty integrations such as Loyalzoo can offer your customers rewards for repeat custom, building brand loyalty!
  • Accounting integrations like Xero can make managing your business's finances much quicker and easier, saving you time and energy during your long working day letting you focus on the business!
  • Marketing integrations like Mailchimp make communicating with your customers much easier, so they can know the latest, sweet-smelling sensations on your shelves.
  • Delivery and ordering apps including me&u and Epos Now Delivery offer you and your customers the chance to buy and sell in the ways that suit you!

Check out our AppStore for more options.

Does Epos Now let you set up cash discounting?

Yes! Our cash discounting feature allows you to offer discounts to cash-paying customers - key to attracting more customers and saving your business money on payment processing fees.

It’s easy to set up in your Epos Now Back Office and sync across your point of sale system and card machines - all you need is to be signed up to Epos Now Payments and click a few buttons!

Now that you've enabled cash discounting, here's a quick rundown of the key features you can use in your Epos Now point of sale system:

  • Display the discounted cash price on the tender for staff reference.
  • Process the list price on the card terminal when a card payment is selected.
  • Apply the preset discount to the total when a cash payment is chosen.
  • Ensure receipts highlight the savings from the cash discount.
  • Cash discounts will be shown in your Back Office reports for easy tracking and analysis.

Learn more about cash discounts in our handy blog.

Make your bakery grow with Epos Now POS systems

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