Use a bakery POS designed for bakers

Sieve through your business data and bake the next batch better with Epos Now’s advanced stock-control system, speedy checkout software, and real-time reports.

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Cut wastage by 60% in your kitchen with the Epos Now kitchen display system.

From dough to Danish, the Epos Now Pro+ and card terminal saves staff 4,104 steps every day.

Get a 48% faster delivery time and increase revenue by 25% by adding Epos Now Delivery.

The bakery POS software to boost operational efficiency

Precise inventory management

Use our POS system to keep up with back office tasks such as inventory management. So, you can control all supplies and food cost, down to the ounce, so you know what you have in stock at all times.

Effective payment processing

With Epos Now, you can now minimise third-party providers and processing fees. Simply, create custom barcodes and accept all payment methods to make help serve to-go customers faster. This includes payments such as debit or credit card and contactless. 

Improve your customer experience

With Epos Now POS systems, you can integrate your POS software with marketing to create loyalty programs based on your customer profiles. This will ensure customers feel informed and valued .

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A Bakery Point of Sale System Built to Serve

Use the latest of POS Systems to increase efficiency in your business operations, allowing you to improve your profitability and grow your business.

  • Track products and ingredients, including liquids, in real-time
  • Innovative payment processing to accept credit card payments, or even online payments
  • Track sales, custom orders, team management, and more with powerful analytical tools 
  • Create a branded bakery loyalty program as part of your customer management to encourage buying
  • Run your POS software on most Windows, Apple, and Android devices
  • Login to your bakery software at any time via remote cloud-based access
  • Automated inventory management for back office purposes integrated in your bakery software

Get the bakery POS system, cash register, and printer in one bundle at an affordable price.

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Easy to use and employees can be trained in 15 minutes
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A powerful POS software for menu management

Bakeries offer a variety of baked goods. Build your unique menu with Epos Now to create a more intuitive ordering and payment processing within your management software.

  • Assign ingredients to menu items, automatically deducting stock in real-time from your inventory management
  • For an enhanced employee management and service quality, train your staff to add product notes to help your customers with allergies and dietary restrictions
  • Create combination offers through multiple-choice ordering options
  • Update menu changes instantly to prevent errors and ensure transparent communication 
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Put your customers in the spotlight

Whether you serve takeout only or have a dine-in seating area, your bakery needs continued business to stay afloat. With our point of sale system, you can connect with your customers across several channels to reinforce brand loyalty.

  • Create in-depth customer profiles to track buying habits and be able to provide amazing pricing plans to match demand
  • Build a unique loyalty program to reward repeat ordering
  • Connect with your customer base by using marketing platforms to update them about new custom cakes or offers. 
  • Encourage online reviews to identify service gaps and attract new customers. This way, consumers can build trust in your bakery services whilst reinforcing your bakery's local reputation 


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Great decision-making with Epos Software reporting

Businesses cannot operate blindly. POS software reporting is a crucial component of running a successful business.

With our cloud-based POS management software, you can create thorough reports to get a comprehensive look at your bakery and identify the crucial business needs to focus on.

  • Create and track goals in real-time with custom dashboards
  • Identify your best and worst-performing baked goods as part of your menu management 
  • See your expected vs actual inventory tracking to calculate food cost and how minimize raw ingredients waste
  • Employee management: Evaluate back-office performance when considering promotions and pay increases
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Leverage the power of our extensive app store within your Epos software management

With Epos Now POS system, you can manage all core aspects of your business from one terminal and enjoy its add-ons. Connect your bakery POS System to dozens of third-party programs and multiple processors to maximize your business’s online ordering.

  • Integrate with accounting software like QuickBooks and Xero to avoid human errors 
  • Send automated email marketing campaigns to build a strong loyalty program with Mailchimp
  • Build a website and sell online branded merchandise through Shopify
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Take orders from anywhere with Epos Now Order & Pay

With the current industry trends, customers have never demanded more in terms of safety and convenience. Our cloud-based Point Of Sale system has multiple add-ons to maximize profitability efficiency.

With Epos Now Order & Pay, you can manage online ordering and accept online payments through a unique app-free platform. Therefore, make sure you integrate this payment processing tool into your bakery POS system as it will bring you the following benefits in relation to operational efficiency.

  • Create a digital menu that syncs with your inventory tracking
  • All orders are sent directly to your back office by using the bakery software 
  • Customers can track order status and schedule a pickup time
  • End your reliance on third-party online ordering platforms to speed up your online ordering


Payment processing made simple

Epos Now Payments offers all the advantages of the latest payment processing technology with the very best transaction rates, efficient card readers and none hidden processing fees

Using payment processing services will help bakeries stay on top of their game when it comes to providing fast and efficient customer service while also keeping their financials organized and secure at all times in the cloud POS. Ultimately, streamlining payment processing provides an improved experience overall for both consumers and business owners alike!

Become one of the thousands of businesses already making payments simpler. You can also read further 10 different types of mobile payments which are trending in the current industry.
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Use a bakery POS designed for bakers

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