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Elevate sales effortlessly with Epos Now's gift shop POS system. Streamline inventory, process transactions smoothly, and manage multiple store locations hassle-free!

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Zoom through sales

Rev up your speed by 5x with Epos Now's wireless barcode scanner.

Get precise accounting

Export sales data with the QuickBooks app, save up to 8 hours of work each month.

Gift yourself time

Unwrap up to 10 hours monthly, smoothing out business and staff management effortlessly.

The complete gift shop point of sale package

Our all-in-one POS solution gives you the reins to control every bit of your gift store business.

  • Go multichannel with online sales that let you run a multichannel gift shop with integrated inventory.
  • Organise like a pro with a product matrix that lets you sort products by colour, brand, and size.
  • Get insights into your hottest sellers and most profitable gifts, right at your fingertips.
  • Effortlessly manage multiple stores from one device, so you can scale your business smoothly.
  • Create and manage customer loyalty programs that keep people coming back for more.

POS system, cash till, and printer included - all you need to manage your gift stores.

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The gift shop POS that offers speed, simplicity, and savings

Inventory management

Free up hours of time with stock control. Handle products, cut costs and staff hours, then automate purchase orders for peak efficiency.

Master your operations

Seamlessly oversee sales, stock, and staff through one unified system accessible from any device, anywhere you go.

Catapult your online store

Launch into the digital sphere effortlessly, expanding your reach and boosting sales with an intuitive, user-friendly online selling platform.

Expand online and simplify sending love. Epos Now syncs your gift business POS directly to your website for seamless online sales.

  • Partner up for an online store that runs both online and in-store operations smoothly.
  • Track all orders in real-time, from any location, ensuring a responsive online sales process.
  • Offer convenient Click & Collect services for a seamless shopping experience.
  • Launch multichannel gift cards that work online and in-store, making gifting a joy for everyone.
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Infuse your service with a personal touch

In gift shops, understanding your diverse clientele is key. A tailored gift store POS software provides personalised marketing tools that nurture loyalty.

  • Gather customer insights at every sale.
  • Craft tailored marketing strategies with Mailchimp.
  • Cultivate loyalty programs for repeat shopping.
  • Provide customers with loyalty cards and store credit.
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Streamline gift inventory control

Effortlessly monitor gifts for every occasion, managing both in-store and online inventories through a unified POS system.

  • Slash labour costs and save time by taking inventory within minutes.
  • Sort gifts by brand, size, and colour using an integrated product matrix.
  • Assess sales performance for efficient operations and accurate forecasting.
  • Automate purchase orders to avoid inventory gaps and stock shortages.
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Discover top-performing products with intuitive reports

Consumer preferences evolve, especially in trending gifts. Leverage advanced sales reports to identify best-selling products throughout the year.

  • Explore real-time sales and customer trends with comprehensive reporting and customer data.
  • Gain access to crucial insights from any device and location.
  • Monitor product performance and employee contributions effectively.
  • Seamlessly integrate with accounting software, alleviating the burden of bookkeeping.
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24/7 award-winning support

At Epos Now, you're never on your own. Get round-the-clock assistance, personalised one-on-one onboarding, and unlimited training and coaching for seamless integration and ongoing skill-building.

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Frequently asked questions

If you'd like to know anything else about how Epos Now can help your business, get in touch or read our frequently asked questions.


What is a gift shop point of sale system?

A gift shop point of sale (POS) system is tailored software designed to streamline sales, manage inventory, and handle transactions within a gift shop or retail business setting. This specialised system caters specifically to the unique needs of gift shops, enabling efficient sales processing, comprehensive inventory management, and transaction recording across various stores.

A gift shop POS system efficiently tracks sales, manages customer data, processes payments, and streamlines operations for a retail business operating in multiple locations, ensuring smooth and synchronised management of sales and inventory across the entire retail chain.

What is the best POS system for a gift shop?

The ideal EPOS system for gift shops accommodates diverse inventory, accepts various payment types, and seamlessly integrates with third-party platforms. The best gift shop EPOS offers online connectivity, cloud storage, and 24/7 accessibility for enhanced convenience and efficiency in managing operations and sales across multiple channels.

This system facilitates smooth transactions, efficient inventory management, and provides a comprehensive suite of features tailored to the specific needs of gift store businesses, ensuring seamless operations, whether in-store or online.

What POS integrations should a gift shop use?

For optimal competitiveness, gift shops benefit from three key integrations. Firstly, partnering with an ecommerce platform facilitates online sales. Next, integration with marketing programs like Mailchimp maintains customer connections. Lastly, linking the POS with accounting software ensures streamlined financial tracking and management.

These integrations empower gift shops to expand their market reach, nurture customer relationships, and maintain efficient financial control, allowing them to stay agile and competitive in the retail landscape.

What is the best inventory software for retailers?

The Epos Now POS system eliminates the necessity for separate inventory management software or spreadsheets by storing all inventory within the comprehensive back-office system.

This integration ensures seamless inventory management, automating various inventory-related tasks for retailers. The system streamlines inventory control, offering a centralised hub for efficient stock tracking, updates, and optimisation, minimising manual input and enhancing overall inventory management within retail operations.

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