The superior gift shop POS that speeds up sales

Give your business the till system you deserve: automate inventory and sell smoother with Epos Now’s simple, easy-to-use transaction software.

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Quicker sales

Make sales and stocktakes 5x faster with the Epos Now wireless barcode scanner.

Easier trade

Add the Epos Now Payments integration and save 4 hours each month during sales.

Accurate accounts

81% of shoppers research products online. Showcase your inventory online with NearSt.

The complete gift shop point of sale package

Opt for the gift store POS system that lets you take greater control of every element of your business. ​

  • Build a truly multichannel store with online selling
  • Take all types of payments and process transactions with speed and security
  • Use our leading product matrix to manage products by color, brand, and size
  • Access sales data to view your best-selling items and most profitable gifts​
  • Offer flexibility with simple refunds and exchanges

Our Complete POS solution includes POS software, terminal, built-in printer, and card machine.

WAS $1099, NOW FROM $299*

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The gift store POS that offers speed, simplicity, and savings

Simplify stock control

Save hours of time with advanced stock control. Manage a wide range of products, reduce costs, and automate purchase order to enhance efficiency.

Streamline operations

Accept all types of payments, including cash, credit, debit, contactless, and gift cards. Offer digital receipts for a touchless customer experience.

Offer safe checkout

Accept all types of payments, including cash, credit, debit, contactless, and gift cards. Offer digital receipts for a touchless customer experience.

Get online and share your gifts with the world

Creating an e-commerce website makes it easier for shoppers to find and ship gifts to loved ones. With Epos Now’s online integrations, you can link your website directly with your gift shop POS system.

  • Create your own online store with our e-commerce partners
  • Drive more sales and manage your online and offline operations from place
  • See all in-store and digital purchases on your terminal
  • Provide Order Online + Pickup in Store services​ for added safety and convenience
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Enjoy complete payment flexibility with Epos Now Payments

Stay flexible with Epos Now Payments. Accept all payment types while increasing security and customer service - all for one blended rate.

We've also integrated with every major payment provider so you can choose the right one for your business and negotiate your own fees

As an additional feature, Payments allows you to grant your cash-paying customers a discount. 

Integrate with your existing, or preferred partner today.

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Add a personal touch to your service and build loyalty

Gift shops cater to diverse audiences, so getting to know your customers is essential. The right gift store POS will give you personalized marketing tools that build loyalty.

  • Capture customer data at purchase
  • Build targeted marketing campaigns with Mailchimp
  • Create loyalty schemes to encourage repeat shopping
  • Offer your customers loyalty cards and store credit
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Simplify inventory management

Keep track of all gifts for every occasion and manage your in-store and ecommerce inventories from a single POS system.

  • Take stock in minutes, reducing labor costs and freeing up time
  • Organize gifts by brand, size, and color with an in-built product matrix
  • Evaluate sales performance so you can make efficiencies and forecast with unrivaled accuracy
  • Automate purchase orders and eliminate out of stocks
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Find winning products with intuitive reports and insights

Consumer demands are always changing, especially when it comes to trending gifts. Use advanced sales reports to see which products sell best at different times of the year.   

  • Learn more about your business with real-time sales and customer trends reporting
  • Access valuable insights from any location and device
  • Monitor product and employee performance
  • Take the headache out of bookkeeping with an accountancy integration
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Access 24/7 award-winning support

Get in touch today to access to find out more about our award-winning training and onboarding.

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Frequently asked questions

If you'd like to know anything else about how Epos Now can help your business, request a callback, or read our frequently asked questions.


What is the best POS system for a gift shop?

Gift stores need a POS system that can accommodate a diverse inventory, accepts all payment types and links with third-party platforms. The best gift shop POS will also have online connectivity, with cloud storage and 24/7 access.

What POS integrations should a gift shop use?

Gift shops need three core integrations to stay competitive. First, they should partner with an ecommerce platform to sell online. Next, a gift shop should connect with marketing programs like Mailchimp to keep in contact with customers. Lastly, they should link their POS with accounting software to easily keep track of financials.

What is the best inventory software for retailers?

With an Epos Now POS system, there’s no need for separate inventory management software or spreadsheets as all of your inventory is stored in your back office system and automated.

Does Epos Now let you set up cash discounting?

Yes! Our cash discounting feature allows you to offer discounts to cash-paying customers - key to attracting more customers and saving your business money on payment processing fees.

It’s easy to set up in your Epos Now Back Office and sync across your point of sale system and card machines - all you need is to be signed up to Epos Now Payments and click a few buttons!

Now that you've enabled cash discounting, here's a quick rundown of the key features you can use in your Epos Now point of sale system:

  • Display the discounted cash price on the tender for staff reference.
  • Process the list price on the card terminal when a card payment is selected.
  • Apply the preset discount to the total when a cash payment is chosen.
  • Ensure receipts highlight the savings from the cash discount.
  • Cash discounts will be shown in your Back Office reports for easy tracking and analysis.

Learn more about cash discounts in our handy blog.

The superior gift shop POS that speeds up sales

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