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How to Set Up a Click & Collect Service

11 Jul 2023

Governments across the world have announced that shops deemed as “essential” - like convenience stores, petrol stations, pharmacies, off-licenses, pet shops and hardware stores - are able to stay open amidst the COVID-19 lockdown.

If you own a business that falls into one of these categories you can be confident in the fact that you’re still able to trade for on-premises shoppers. But although you’re able to continue to do business, you’ll undoubtedly be preoccupied with how to minimise risk for yourself and your customers.

One way to reduce the risk for your customers is to operate a Click & Collect model, much like many big supermarkets do, which will allow customers to pre-order their shopping and pay when they collect it, thus minimising the time spent by customers in your shop.

The Click and Collect Model for Retailers

With an Epos Now Retail POS System, you’re able to operate a click and collect model for your shop without any additional integrations or apps. Thankfully, it’s all part of your POS system.

By implementing such a model, you can continue to keep your business running whilst minimising human contact.

Click and Collect will allow customers to call ahead and place an order before their visit, meaning you can have their items ready for collection and payment when they arrive.

How Do I Get Started?

  • Get your Inventory in Order - Make sure all of your products and stock levels are correct on your POS system, and have low stock alerts set up so you know when to reorder
  • Promote your Click & Collect Service - Use a free website like Canva to create a graphic telling customers on social media exactly how to order

How do I Set Up a Click and Collect Service?

It’s easy to hold orders on an Epos Now System, much like creating a tab for someone in a bar or restaurant, but first you need to add the customer to your system when they call to place their order.

How to Add Customers:

  • Step One - On your Epos Now front till, click “Customers”
  • Step Two - Click “Add New Customer”
  • Step Three - Input customer details (Name, Phone Number, Email Address & Address at the minimum)
  • Step Four - Click “Add”

Congratulations! Your customer is now added to your retail POS system so you can take their order!

How to Take and Hold Orders:

  • Step One - If the customer isn’t automatically selected, go into “Customers” and select the customer you’d like to take an order for
  • Step Two - Add all of the products your customer orders, much like you would if you were processing an order there and then.
  • Step Three - Press “hold” and it will go into “held” status and stock will subtract from your inventory
  • Step Four - Collect and bag your customers’ shopping before they arrive
  • Step Five - When the customer arrives, go into the “Orders tab”, click on the order and “resume”
  • Step Six - Finish processing the order and take payment as you usually would!

If you would like to find out more about how to offer Click and Collect to your customers using your Epos Now System, contact us: